Standing just three feet tall, Goldie Shuman is a giant of spirit, a sweet inspiration to us all on how to live with positivity and faith. Despite the ongoing challenges of living with a host of medical challenges, she lives every day to the max, bringing joy and faith to everyone around her. Her bat mitzvah speech inspired thousands and continues to reach more people every day.

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A message from the Shuman family:

November 13, 2019

We are humbled by, and very appreciative of, the outpouring of comments, good wishes and brachos [blessings]!

We read every comment with tears in our eyes and took to heart every single one! We wish everyone the same good wishes, and pray that Hashem give all of us the strength to fulfill the purpose for which Hashem sent each of us into this world.

Through our acts of kindness towards each other, may we merit very soon the fulfillment of Hashem's promise to take each of us by the hand and lead us across the threshold together to the final and ultimate geulah [Redemption]!

Goldie Shuman & Family