Index of Sources
  • Terach leaves idol shop and Avram had to take over. “The bigger the idol the higher the price!” – Midrash HaGadol Bereishis 11:28
  • Avram hit a hammer on idols heads. “Do you want this one or that one?” – Midrash HaGadol Bereishis 12:1
  • “I’m 60 and I want an idol!” “You want a one-day old idol?” – Bereishis Rabbah 38:8 (19)
  • “Thieves stole my idol!” “Can’t your idol protect itself?” The guy serves G‑d after Avram says the thieves will return your things to you and they are returned. He tells many people what Avram did, and Nimrod has him killed – Bereishis Rabbah 38:19, Beis HaMidrash Cheder 1
  • Avram broke all the idols and placed a hammer in the biggest ones hand. Conversation with Terach – Bereishis Rabbah 38:8 (19), Midrash HaGadol Bereishis, SH

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