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Changing Times

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Changing Times

Times change. The wheel of fortune never stops spinning. But throughout it all, the good times and the tough ones, one thing never changes . . .
Change, Wealth & Poverty

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Irene Glen Burnie, Md. USA May 7, 2012

Changing Times I try to remember in trying times, never to look to the right or to the left, but only straight ahead looking to HaShem to help me get through whatever may be happening, drawing on his strength. Sooner than later He always comes through. Blessed is His Name. Reply

Anonymous New York, NY July 20, 2009

To Angela in Arizona Be careful of thinking that you or others have control over your circumstances. You could, G-d forbid, tomorrow find yourself with terrible health issues or the loss of a job that would cause financial pressures you cannot imagine. Just as the video shows, there are good times and bad -- life is a cycle. Reply

Anonymous March 12, 2009

Changing Times Video Well done and much appreciated. Reply

Brian S Simsbury, CT March 10, 2009

Man Plans, God Laughs Its nice you can afford the trip! You certainly can ( and do) take pride in your prudence! But I sense that you do not truly feel sorry for those who have lived "above their means" and in fact feel satisfied that your years of self-denial has allowed you the satisfaction of financial security. Poor Angela, you will find that all wealth is from our Creator. And no amount of planning can stave off God's will for you. "Man plans, God laughs!" Reply

Angela K Safonoff Peoria, AZ March 10, 2009

Economic Hard times? This may sound silly, but my husband and I are doing well financially. Our home will shortly be paid off, we bought a new Honda Civic LX2008, we completly re-tiled our whole house, we are taking a trip to Israel, Austria and Hungary. We do feel sorry for those people who have lived beyond their means while we have lived way under ours Reply

Oscar Lobo Abrahams Alajuela, COSTA RICA March 8, 2009

times is the same to our people Our G-D is the same now and forever, and we trusth is for HIM in all times. Shalom Reply

Inge Reisinger March 8, 2009

Short and very concentrated, easy to understand. Reply

Steve Malta March 8, 2009

Re: Times change, we don't Mary,

Just continue to trust G-d, soon you will be calling Him by His Holy NAME!

All blessings to you. Reply

Brian S Simsbury, CT March 8, 2009

Deut:28 Do these days' headlines remind anyone else of the portrayal in Deut:28 of a nation that had been blessed with the best that the entire world hs to offer, and then has rejected the God of their fathers. The second half of the chapter describes a nation no longer sure of itself, no longer a loaning people but a debtor one, where the aliens in its midst defy its own laws, that instead of military power and reputation that 5 men will chase 50, instead, fifty will flee from five enemies (not sure of the exact number there).
Perhaps, if America atones as fully as Ninevah, this deepening vortex can be adverted. Otherwise we are living in the last days of America. No more God Blessed America, but one by one the blessings are withdrawn. Reply

Mary O'Donnell Philadelphia, USA March 6, 2009

Times change, we don't As I divorce, send off my son to college, and must place my father in a nursing home, I am finding G-d in all those who take an extra minute to give me a hug and say they understand. It is the small things in life, that end up making life bearable....and finally enjoyable. So thank you to all the anonymous smiles and prayers! They do help! Reply

adena Dallas, TX/USA March 6, 2009

Together Thank you for reminding me of what is important. I've read the posts made by others and I realize more than ever that we are all in this together. So it's important to me to be available to listen, give and pray with others. Reply

Anonymous March 6, 2009

Yes, but What was said was true. But...It made it seem so easy. But it is not. I myself feel unable, for good reasons, to leave the awful uncertainties and dreadful unhappiness of life with an abusive husband. The bouncy, up-beat music of your video hurts me. Reply

Richard Cohen Costa Mesa, ca March 5, 2009

Self Worth Thank you for reminding me what is important in life and that we are worth more than the sum of the money we have in the bank. Reply

Edna Canada March 5, 2009

Changing Times Well put --- you hit the nail on the head. Reply

Joyce The Voice Medford, MA USA March 5, 2009

difficult times I have just been tested by a fire forcing me out of my apartment. All the friends and support that I received from the community made me so aware of how G-d is holding my hand. He is leading me. I may not understand how or why this happened, I just know that He has a plan for me and "this too is for the good." Reply

Sarah, Brooklyn, New York March 5, 2009

Powerful video Amazing how a video can be so short, and yet so powerful. Reply

Mauricio Leventer Sao Paulo City, Brazil March 5, 2009

Challenging Times may be a better title! When I finish watching this amazing video for the first time, I remembered immediately the words of UNETANEH TOKEF, I don´t know why...
To face hard times it is a better approach to think on any dfficulty as an individual challenge to overcome, like baby steps. In that times, we should remember the allmighty G-d gave us powerful things that are better than whealt: the Torah that is perfect and have answers to all questions and solutions for all situations. Reply

Shimon São Paulo, Brazil March 5, 2009

Really!!! What we are is more important than what we have. The best is to be in G-d. Reply

Harry Briley Livermore, CA March 4, 2009

Awesomely simple portrayal Thank you for such a simple portrayal of the vagarities of life issues. G-d does not measure us by our bank account, but by our heart motives. Some down times may be our own known cause, or an inadvertent overreaching in our planning, or sometimes totally out of our control. Regardless of the cause, G-d is watching to see how we will respond. Reply

Rivka Philadelphia, PA March 4, 2009

changing times movie clip Loved it! very inspiring! Reply

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