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Are You Rich Enough?

Psalms of King David 34:11

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Are You Rich Enough?: Psalms of King David 34:11

Has G‑d given you enough money, health, and happiness? Discover the secret to unlocking abundant blessings in your life. Based on the verse (Psalms 34:11), “Those who seek the L‑rd shall lack no good.”
The Psalms of King David: Lesson 2  
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Physicality and Spirituality, Money, Wealth & Poverty

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Francesca Garde,RN Bacolod City, Philippines December 8, 2011

hi thank you rabbi. yes i believe in story of king david Reply

John Nocera West Monroe, LA August 30, 2011

Psalm 34 What a blessing. You made my day!!!

Thank you Rabbi. Reply

Denise Rootenberg Toronto August 8, 2010

An excellent class Content and delivery both good.

To Margot who posted earlier - you have such a wonderful attitude.

This website is a wonderful find, I'm looking forward to watching more classes instead of surfing mindlessly. Reply

Mr. Geoff Frisch August 6, 2010

Are you rich enough Wonderful content and delivery. Reply

Lazer Gurkow August 3, 2010

The Chossid with Hungry Children Michal, you are right. I misspoke in the lecture. The Chossid's true words were not "I am not lacking," they were "I am not suffering."

Surely Zushe of Anipoli did everything he could to provide for his children, but despite his success or lack thereof he never felt abandoned by G-d. He never felt the pang of suffering.

Remaining upbeat, positive, trusting, optimistic, faithful and even joyful in the face of adversity is indeed a virtue.

A rare virtue that is hard to find, let alone emulate. Reply

alina carr roselle park, nj August 2, 2010

Rich enough It's like an internal conflict between the wants of the body and the needs of the spirit . I quess the real choice is between being rich with material possesions or having G-ds peace and blessings . thank you for the insightful story . Reply

Michal August 1, 2010

Learning Torah, when children hungry? This holy man, the Chassid in the old shack, in my eyes is not holy at all. Children come in the first place. I am a woman, a mother and grandmother. children rely on their father to get for them something to eat. And only when he has fed them, even with dry bread, then he has the right to learn Torah and enjoy the nearness of G-d. I would call it "spiritually egoism", when he lets others suffer in order to learn, can that be good? All the rest you told us was wonderful and moving. Thanks, Rabbi! Reply

Margot Brea Mesa, Arizona July 29, 2010

Psalms of King David. Thank you for such a wonderful teaching!

I grew up poor. Lacked much material things in my childhood, and then, growing up was much abused and was deceived, spiritually, emotionally.

Seeking the presence of our G-d has given me much more than I could ever desire. I have lost friends, family members dear to me, not physically, because they are still alive, but emotionally, but G-d keeps giving me a new strength each day.

I am still poor in material world, but rich in His love.

Thank you Rabbi Gurkow for reminding me today, once more how much G-d's love nurtures me every day in my 62nd year of life.

Blessings to you Rabbi Reply

forced to be anonymous Paramus, NJ July 28, 2010

are you rich enough Rabbi Gurkow: You have made my evening. I am working as a paid singer entertaining dying people. I am paid very little but I have what many other "rich" people do not have - a purpose in life and satisfaction that i am doing the right thing. there must be more publicity about chabad. org. How about an ad in the NY times sunday magazine? Reply

Miss Kayo Kaneko July 28, 2010

Basics Todah Rabah for reminding me the fundamental of Yiddish Kait which we have to remember every moment of our lives. Reply

Miriam Denver, CO/USA July 28, 2010

Psalms of King David Dear Rabbi Gurkow:

Thank you for this wonderful lesson. Many years ago I lost my home. One day I was looking through an architecture magazine which displayed the most beautiful objects that one could place in their home. The thought came to me..."I will never have a home again"...suddenly deep within my soul the words came..."you have a heavenly home, and this earth life is transient." Thank you for reminding us of this important lesson. Reply

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