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The Evolution of Judaism

Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 3

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The Evolution of Judaism: Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 3

The sun and the moon as symbols for innovation and tradition. Should Judaism adapt with the times or resist the changes of modernity? Guest Expert: Rabbi Manis Friedman. (From “Messages”—Season 4, Episode 3)
Moon, Sun; Sunlight, Change

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Yehuda Brooklyn June 17, 2020

Can please post the full date of the video of the Rebbe featured in this clip? Reply

Margus Meigo Estonia Eesti June 30, 2019

Conservatism is wisdom of Preserving frindship with God Conservatism's task is to learn and do, what have to be kept and what has to be changed.
Changed have to be the things that does not serve the Conservatism. Reply

Peter Brooklyn November 28, 2014

In some ways Greek Philosophy sheds great "light' on this play between the Sun and the Moon.The Sun's rays and light are impotent, inactive and uncreative until they fall upon matter, such as the Moon. The Moon opposes the Sun's rays and subsequently the light is. Without the Moon's opposition the rays of light would be inert. Only by incidence upon its opposite pole, matter, can the light come to its creative function. There is a required interplay of its rays and a resistant surface to bring out its own powers from latency to potency. Essentially they are both needed! You cannot have one without the other. Regarding a story about the Baal Shem Tov: He'd always experienced D'vekut in Nature, outside with the peasants and their animals. When he went to the Beit Midrash one day, a depression came over him...he yearned to be outside where he felt most connected. A Rabbi noticed his somber mood, inquired and when Besht confessed said "Are you trying to change things? We are always in here! Reply

Anonymous July 29, 2014

Respect Maybe instead of saying TA; one should say co-host. Reply

Janice June 24, 2014

Evolution of Judaism Wow ! Very wonderful; would have like to have heard more from the young people; and having a Rabbi there to be the foundation of discussion. Torah for space novel idea; is that not where it came from? Need to do a more excellant job on earth first.

Great Ideas Reply

Iva Maria Sao Paulo, Brazil June 16, 2011

just wonderful B"H
Congratulation for this theme
I am enjoying a lot this videos
and learning
Thank you Reply

In each episode of this series, host, Michael Kigel, a panel of young students and a "special guest expert" discuss a clip of the Rebbe's public talks. Produced by Chabad of Toronto as "Messages -- Season 4."
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