King David says in Psalms (34:9): "Taste and you will see that G‑d is good." In order to appreciate the goodness of a food item, a person, or even a vacation spot, we need to develop a taste for it. Even before she tasted the first bite of it, my daughter's reaction to a new food is "I don't like it!" Most of us will avoid trying new things because we fear the possible results. We would rather stay miserable in familiar territory than taste change and maybe find some happiness.

However, just as we developed a taste for alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other addictive behaviors — so, too, we gradually develop a taste for spirituality. One woman just told me that she is willing to go to any treatment center in the world, as long as it is not based on the Twelve Steps. In other words, I'm willing to try only something that I'm familiar and comfortable with... But it's impossible for me to actually make real changes in my life, because I already know that I'm not going to like it.

So King David says, "taste." Just take a little taste. You don't have to agree to everything right now. You don't have to change every single thing today. Just try one little thing, one little sip of G‑dliness. And G‑d's promise to us is (as quoted in the Midrash): "Open up to Me [on opening the size of] the tip of a pin, and I will open it up for you like the [wide] opening of the Temple [entrance]." If I do my best, if I give it an honest try, things will get easier. I will develop a taste for spirituality.