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Sincere Effort

Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 6

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Sincere Effort: Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 6

The story of a sage assisted by angels in lifting a boulder leads to a discussion of how much can really be accomplished if one only makes a sincere effort. Guest Expert: Rabbi Manis Friedman. (From "Messages" -- Season 4, Episode 6)

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Audelia May 25, 2020

I am wondering why the students often sit girl-boy-girl or boy-girl-boy ? Isn’t it not good to be seated between to persons of the opposite gender ? Reply

shnarkle Florida July 1, 2018

This is an intriguing discussion, but I got a slightly different meaning from the story of the angels lifting the boulder. The thing I saw was that the reality is that when we're living according to Torah, we see that what we thought would require immense effort actually only requires that our will and effort be aligned with God's will. If it was not God's will then our sincere effort wouldn't be enough to move the boulder, it would be an immense effort which we would be acutely aware of. When it is in accordance with God's will, we are amazed at how easy it was, and know that what we are doing is right and correct. Our whole being knows that we're just along for the ride whereas if it were not in accordance with God's will, we would know with our whole being how completely exhausted and depleted we are. It's as if keeping the first commandment allows, enables and motivates us to keep them all. It isn't a burden, but the means of accomplishing God's will. Reply

In each episode of this series, host, Michael Kigel, a panel of young students and a "special guest expert" discuss a clip of the Rebbe's public talks. Produced by Chabad of Toronto as "Messages -- Season 4."
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