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After a Tzaddik's Passing

Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 21

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After a Tzaddik's Passing: Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 21

The greatness of a perfectly righteous tzaddik is not fully evident while he is still alive and his students can behold his physical presence. It is only after the passing of such a leader that we can know what effect he had on those who follow his ways. Guest Expert: Rabbi Manis Friedman. (From “Messages”—Season 4, Episode 21)
Rebbe, Role of; Rebbe-Chassid Relationship, Passing of a Tzaddik, The

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In each episode of this series, host, Michael Kigel, a panel of young students and a "special guest expert" discuss a clip of the Rebbe's public talks. Produced by Chabad of Toronto as "Messages -- Season 4."