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Jewish Unity

Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 23

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Jewish Unity: Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 23

When there is discord between Jews, it is only because they fail to understand the true nature of their relationship with one another. When Jews understand that they are truly one, then all problems will automatically become resolved on their own. Guest Expert: Rivka Slonim. (From “Messages”—Season 4, Episode 23)
Peace, Jewish Unity, Ahavat Yisrael

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Rolando Virginia July 29, 2015

"All souls come from G-d" and Jewishness obligates unity, does Judaism have a mission of converting the world? If not, why? (Peace being implicit in unity) also the Jew being "gifted" with the understanding of relationship with G-d even with the Torah. Reply

In each episode of this series, host, Michael Kigel, a panel of young students and a "special guest expert" discuss a clip of the Rebbe's public talks. Produced by Chabad of Toronto as "Messages -- Season 4."
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