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Rivkah Slonim

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Rivkah Slonim is the Associate Director at the Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life at Binghamton University. An internationally known teacher, lecturer, and activist, she travels widely, addressing the intersection of traditional Jewish observance and contemporary life, with a special focus on Jewish women in Jewish law and life. Slonim is the editor of Total Immersion: A Mikvah Anthology ( Jason Aronson 1996, Urim 2006) and Bread and Fire; Jewish Women find God in the Everyday ( Urim 2008). Slonim and her husband are the grateful and proud parents of nine children.
A Timely Message for Jewish Women
Note this important correction: A woman should immerse once in the mikvah instead of her regular shower and then immerse the amount of times she usually does in the mikvah. My dear sisters, Jewish women wherever you are ... The Talmud tells us: Bizchus No...
Reflecting on her life work as an educator on campus, on cutting edge technology, and on the central image of the educator in Chabad's theological teachings, a veteran shluchah gets to the heart of how our own lives transform the lives of others.
A marriage rooted in oneness
The paradox: while G-d is absolutely One, He nevertheless has an overwhelming desire to engage in a relationship with mankind. Understanding this paradox is at the root of free choice and human responsibility, and is the key to healthy marriages that last...
Sami was a cosmopolitan, debonair gentleman who spoke six languages. But in my mind, I will remember him always as the quintessential role model for enacting the Rebbe’s mission.
Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 23
When there is discord between Jews, it is only because they fail to understand the true nature of their relationship with one another. When Jews understand that they are truly one, then all problems will automatically become resolved on their own. Guest E...
Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 8
The purpose of creation is fulfilled by our making use of our bodies and the physical world around us to do G‑d’s will. Guest Expert: Rivkah Slonim. (From “Messages”—Season 4, Episode 8)
Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 4
The Torah reading for Rosh HaShanah describes two great women -- Sarah and Hannah -- and their intense determination to become mothers. Guest Expert: Rivkah Slonim. (From "Messages" -- Season 4, Episode 4)
Blessings from Above and Blessings from Below
Displaying patience and uncanny sensitivity to the psychological and sociological issues at play, the Rebbe persisted in his efforts. Eventually, it paid off. By the late 1960s, wearing a wig was the norm in most Orthodox circles.
In biblical times, entrance to a holy space was contingent on spiritual purity. Today, it is in sacred union alone that this law is enforced. Until the Holy Temple is rebuilt, it is in our bedrooms that we build the most hallowed of all hallowed shrines
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