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What Is 'Holiness'?


What Is 'Holiness'?

A more precise translation of the Hebrew word kadosh would be "transparency"
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Tanya, Holiness

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Anonymous December 4, 2014

Much Appreciated Good to Know, preceisely & all encompassing again, to be close to Hashem elevates a Jewish person to know their purpose, have emmuna, and teach youth with happiness!
There is often a deep insight when both Rabbi Manis Freeman and Michael Kigel
have their cheerful conversation that would take years of study to comprehend. Continued lovingkindness to each teacher. Reply

Anonymous May 5, 2012

Holiness Does submitting oneself, putting in action the will of G-d by obeying the Torah signifies holiness?, Does the Torah reflects the Holiness of G-d? Doesn't the Torah reveal the very Image of G-d? Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny March 9, 2011

i dont understand the end.. during the credits its starts speaking about how the torah is not "in heaven" then it goes on to say that for some ppl its very hard ... i expected it to answer how to resolve the idea but it didnt it just ended... Reply

Sir. Netanel Tzyon Ben-Yehoshua August 5, 2010

shalom Aleichem I love your lessons in Tanya I listen everyday.
Except on Shabbos. Reply

Steve Malta May 6, 2009

To know Ha' Shem One of the most profound discussions ever. Pure joy to listen to. Reply

Luis Ignacio Velez Medellin, Colombia January 28, 2009

Holiness Very interesting discussion w/ Rabbi Friedman... My question with all due respect is how does the Tao Te Ching agrees or adds to the subject matter, and how a book like "Stillness Speaks" by Eckhart Tolle and his concept of inward connection and the disolution of the ego and trying to create awarness of self and nature makes it easier to grasp the Kabbalistic concept of transparency? Reply

Host, Michael Chighel, talks to some of the world's greatest experts about the masterpiece of Hasidic thought, the book of Tanya.
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