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The Power of Change

Spiritual Development: Lesson 1

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The Power of Change: Spiritual Development: Lesson 1

Ever watch an acrobat achieve amazing feats? Train yourself for a high level performance through spiritual change.
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Change, Self Improvement

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Kevin O'Neil March 30, 2023

Brilliant teaching, graciously delivered. Thankyou. Reply

Chika Haga-Hedberg USA October 4, 2022

I'm blessed to hear Mrs. Freeman's lecture. Thank you. Reply

Balur Moshiyakhova Brooklyn August 21, 2022

Mrs.Freeman your lectures help me so much!!! Thank you so much!!! Reply

Laurie Brown April 24, 2020

What a wonderful teaching, I loved the idea by the Rambam about bending like a stick and bending in the opposite direction. I look forward to listening to other presentations by you. Thank you Reply

Sue Harwood Northwich January 3, 2020

How beautiful Nomi. You moved me to tears ! Reply

Daniele Brazil September 29, 2018

Great!!!! Reply

Saundra United States November 28, 2017

Spirit development
That was so powerful, to realize we carry the aura of Heaven or hell around us daily. Reply

Chana October 3, 2017

So inspiring! Thank you! Reply

Mindy Goldis San Diego July 25, 2014

Excellent! Thank you very much Nomi.
You are an excellent teacher.
I really enjoy how you share the wisdom of Hashem with others and how we can work on ourselves to change and do more mitzvot and chesed! Reply

Mike Knish Michigan City, IN August 27, 2013

Thanks Thank you for taking the time to teach me. Reply

Marty Denver August 24, 2013

The heart of change Rambam says that if you are not comfortable giving 10% than give 15%. For most, this is not a cure, it's creating more inner turmoil. Using the methaphor of bending the stick, the stick, meaning you, will break. Probably the best formula for creating inner change is thru understanding yourself. Why are you troubled by giving charity? Are you worried that you won't have enough for your family? Did you have an early experience where you helped someone and then realized they cheated you, that is, the recipient didn't really need help, he was just too lazy to work or earned a living by begging? Or were you mocked after lending a hand and called a sucker? Or maybe you feel cheated, that you've given much and life hasn't reciprocated, that is, you hoped that doing good to others would come back to you in the form of "good luck" or karma...and it hasn't. Exploring these feelings, the unmet needs and how to cope with them is the beginning of healing but even that is not guaranteed. Reply

Anonymous USA August 19, 2013

The Power of Change Dear Mrs. Freeman, are you saying that we can create our own Paradise, within ourselves? Then, there is not spiritual/physical paradise anywhere? I love your teachings, but I am trying to understand. This prayer you have just said, I have heard in the Christian world. It is a good prayer. For I, personally understand that we cannot change others, we can only change ourselves with the help of our G-d. But I also believe that there is, yes, a world to come. A Paradise created by G-d for those who follow His statutes, and teachings. As we chose that path of life, then we will inherit that Paradise. Either in an ethereal world or physical, it is our own choosing. But it is only through the Almighty G-d. Our love for Him, brings that transformation, because we do not want to lose Him. I would like your reply on this thought, if you would be so kind? I strongly believe that G-d makes the call in our heart, and if we listen, that is the beginning of our change. It is all done through Him. B''H Reply

Martijn Holland August 18, 2013

I would like to hear more of her, fantastic! Very inspiring, i am touched by her wise words. Reply

Scott Cunningham Boca Raton, FL August 17, 2013

May I add one more point of action Having Certainty! Excellent lesson! Reply

Sylvia Franklin August 17, 2013

Inspiring! This teaching ignited. Spark of inspiration and hope. Thank you for this teaching. I will watch again and look forward to more! Reply

Scott Spiegler Framingham August 17, 2013

Spiritual aura in the Tanya I would be interested in learning where in the Tanya the notion of aura is mentioned. I suspect it is somewhere in chapters 4-5 because of the subject matter, but I'd like to see the actually words. Thank you. Reply

Anonymous new york August 16, 2013

Wonderful teaching this was a great class!! Reply

Yosef August 16, 2013

More! Please, more from Nomi Freeman! Wonderful, wonderful! Reply

Kayo Kaneko August 15, 2013

Very practical Todah rabah for good insight. I am looking forward to watching coming your classes. Reply

Joel Olivencia Puerto Rico August 14, 2013

Great Teaching Good teaching about changing bad habits. Reply

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