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Soul Journeys

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Soul Journeys

Accounts of souls returning to Earth to assist others and complete their mission.
Elijah, Soul

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Joan Johnson July 1, 2020

Thank you for your help. It seems like anger and bitterness come back to haunt me over and over in life. I have wrestled with these since I was a teenager first growing up in an abusive home and then when I have had a failed marriage and injustices in my work and training. Then I got divorced, and my ex got my daughter. Nothing has been so painful to me as losing my daughter. It is about 1.5 years, and I am still struggling to get back up. This was a really healing video. It helped me see the extent of bitterness in my heart that has grown and how all of the experiences I have had have increased the multiple layers of anger that have sprouted. I feel like I have gotten a power wash inside. I am trying to apply the concepts. This is enlightening me to see how often I feel frustrated and angry in a day. Thankfully, G_d hears me when I ask for help. Reply

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