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How to Do Teshuvah

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How to Do Teshuvah

Learn refreshing perspectives and practical ways to do teshuvah (repentance) to attain atonement and forgiveness.
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R. Zusha of Anipoli, Teshuvah

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Channah Magori Jerusalem January 31, 2021

Shalom Rebbetzin.

My name is Channah Landgarten.

I am wondering if you might be related to the Zilberberg Family from the Lodz Ghetto. My Mother's maiden name was Zylberberg, her father, Aharon and mother, Channah. My mother had three brothers, Avraham, Levi-Yitchak and David. My mother's name is Sara (Sala) and two sisters, Faigle, and Rachel. This family originated in a small village near Krakow call Dszaloshicz. All traces of my Great Uncle Levi- Yitzchak were lost and there was no record of his death, as far as we have found. If you are part of this family, or not, I would be happy for your response. Thank you. Reply

Daniele Silva Brazil September 2, 2019

Great teaching!!! So sweet and so powerful. Thank you for sharing your lovely wisdom about tshuvah. G-d bless you. Reply

Anonymous buenos aires September 2, 2019

Great Shiur¡ thanks so much¡¡
Ksiva veJasima Toiva leShana Toiva UMesuka Reply

Atzeelah Nachshon September 26, 2018

Very nice. I must meet you sometime when I'm in town visiting my son in Bourgh Park. Atzeelah Nachshon Reply

Rita Forbes MD September 20, 2018

Hello, Chaya

I love your class on How To Do Teshuvah. Your method of teaching is simple, easy to follow with practical illustrations and stories. I appreciate and I am gratified with your approach, which makes your subject matter easy to comprehend and doable. Thank you. Reply

Bat-Sheva Florida September 18, 2018


Thank you! Reply

Anonymous September 17, 2018

superb! Reply

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