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Using Your Future to Change Your Past

The Power of Teshuvah

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Using Your Future to Change Your Past: The Power of Teshuvah

Understanding the mechanics of how repentance actually repairs spiritual damage in the cosmos.
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Karen Melaas April 19, 2020

Dear Nomi,
Thanks so much for this class. I enjoyed it very much. Love the stories. Reply

Anonymous Singapore April 17, 2016

Dear Nomi, I am a not Jew. Thank you for your lessons, there is so much hope and good in your messages. I am grateful and am comforted.

Chinese Noahide Reply

Eliyah Paris January 1, 2015

I'm so grateful that you, Nomi, have this talent to explain so much that nobody teach us or even ever told us. I encourage people to listen the lessons like me one after another and relisten again every moment when your contact is broken and you forget to do teshuvah and mistvah. Thank you so much for doing this for us and share with us your wisdom from above. G-d may bless you and fulfill you with more light so you can share with us His wisdom. Reply

Anonymous Berlin May 19, 2013

Thank you very much. It is a quite important subject and you have explained it very well.
Very inspiring. Reply

Mr. Francis Koh May 29, 2011

Tshuvah Thank you for this awesome lesson! Will be sharing this with others in order to bring more good! Reply

Anonymous Gothenburg, Sweden May 11, 2011

Nomi Freeman Thank you for your interesting and true lecture "Using your future to change your past. Reply

Eileen Shapero Toronto March 25, 2011

Video: on Teshuva What a fabulous lecture!
Your stories, your examples and metaphors are so rich with meaning.
You are a natural born teacher. Yasher Koach! Reply

Raquel March 23, 2011

Beautiful Glowing Light conveyed with clarity and love. Reply

Rifka Rapoport Toronto, Cansda March 23, 2011

Naomi Freeman's class on Teshuva Excellent

I felt that you presented and explained the material very well. I thoroghly enjoyed listening, all at my own convenience.

Keep it up! Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan March 23, 2011

I just have done it, Thanks! Blessed be G-d's Name

I have just done Viduy/Confession and Teshuvah/Repentance, accourding to your teaching. I hope I tilted the Scale to His Desire. Reply

Anonymous March 22, 2011

very helpful classes Dear Nomi, the tools you used for the teaching of the power of teshuva was very clear and simple. thank you. english is my second language, but my Jewish soul plus your clear teaching helped me to understand the class. Reply

claudia Saginaw, mi March 22, 2011

changing the past This is such a helpful teaching...Thank you. Reply

pogomcl prague, CZ March 22, 2011

thank-you I woke up and watched this. thank-you. I will listen again later. is too big for me and I can handle things only in small parts. and all the food that I would put on the table in a day would be scant. there is always hunger. and now I can eat so little, so must receive in small parts. thank-you. I took a nibble. Reply

Mladen Skopje, Macedonia March 19, 2011

Mladen Z. Great,
Thank You for the excellent presentation.
Dear Nomi, you are excellent and one time. Thank You very much. Reply

georgeta craciun ogden, utah March 17, 2011

great Excelent information! I hope more teachings will be made available soon from Nomi Freeman. Reply

Anonymous Lodz, Poland March 17, 2011

great You can convey the mood directly to mind. by words. Reply

Ms. elaine white March 17, 2011

Fantastic Lecture ! Fantastic Speaker ! Hope to see more of Nomi Freeman ! Reply

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