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Would You Want Another You?

Man, trees and our life as a Jew.

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Would You Want Another You?: Man, trees and our life as a Jew.

15 Shevat

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izak h Addis Ababa March 12, 2021

Empowering lesson, thank you. Reply

Rita Forbes Clinton January 29, 2021

Hello, Chaya!

You presented another great lecture [tree, roots, bark, and fruit]. I took a gardening course and found out that trees communicate to each other and display behavior. Amazing! I have many questions but will focus on one - redemption.
You state that the tree introduces redemption [mankind] from sin that was instituted by Eve and Adam. We can no longer do sacrifices for sin[s] because there is no temple and no cohen to appease G-d. How do we redeem ourselves according to G-d's satisfaction? Sometimes the fruit looks good but it may be imperfect [i.e. an apple with a worm in it, a pear that is bruised, etc.].
How can a tree redeemed itself if it has bad fruit [through pruning a branch, by using better fertilizer, using a better watering system, transplant the tree, environmental control, or chop it down]? I use this analogy for human behavior. The tree will show you it is trying to heal itself, but needs help. Thank you! 🙂

Best wishes Reply

Sheva Lazaros framingham ma January 28, 2021

So beautiful, thank you. Reply

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