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Why Bad Things Happen

The painful questions in life

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Why Bad Things Happen: The painful questions in life

When things get really tough, when there are dark moments, our sense of justice asks: why is this happening, and why to me?
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Concealed Good, Pain, Suffering & Tragedy

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Anonymous April 23, 2020

How can you say, there is in evil. It's all good and comes from G-d, The Holocaust? Reply

Anonymous New Jersey July 17, 2014

Hi while I respect your intent, when you describe this "tapestry"of millions of innocent lives, you are also speaking as if the cruel ones were instruments of G-d. Please be more considerate. Thank you. Reply

Anonymous July 17, 2014

What man does for bad, God can turn to good. I really admire your perspective on things Shifra. I think you are very knowledgeable in a lot of areas. For instance the tapestry is a wonderful example.

As for the evil part, I do agree to an extent that God is working everything out for a reason. For instance take a good look at the holocaust and many wondering why it happened. If anyone notices I see two things. 1. The holocaust ended on the first day of Passover. 2. Israel became a nation three years later.

In other words the holocaust was the back of the tapestry with all the nasty knots and strings while the rebirth of a nation was the beautiful picture itself. Reply

Anonymous July 17, 2014

Causing more pain Hello.
I understand your approach and intent.
However, the actual effect is that you are blaming the victims of cruelty and abuse.
You are giving everyone a "reason" to be cruel to people already suffering.
You are causing more pain.
Please be more considerate in what you say and expect of others,
Chabad needs to stop the outreach and do inreach instead. Reply

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