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The Mitzvah to Love

The Kabbalah of Healing Relationships

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The Mitzvah to Love: The Kabbalah of Healing Relationships

The more you know someone the more you see his or her flaws. So why is loving our fellow so integral?
Relationships_1 The Mitzva to Love  
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Jewish Unity, Ahavat Yisrael, Relationships

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Beautifly spoken! I sign under each word. Reply

Patimovic March 25, 2016

Sparks of Adam! *^* Couldn't agree more with Pamela's comment! *^* Aren't we all children of God? It seems that some people think only certain chosen ones for one reason, or another! Can a mother reject bones of her bones and flesh of her flesh and look up to Hashem without a bit of shame? After growing up with the Bible stories married into a denomination where I came in as a young convert, only to find out I do not posses the necessary attributes of a chosen vessel! Therefore, when something went wrong it was my fault! I have the wrong skin, hair, eye colour to begin with! After more than twenty years of not measuring up and painful experiences, I was ready to leave! They started telling my husband that maybe he should look for a chosen woman of his own kind! I took of to go look for the God who made me who I am, but it was then that my husband decided we should look for the God who made us and brought us together! Still together as a couple in spite of antagonising comments from his family! All or none Reply

Anonymous May 13, 2015

Love the Batterer????? How can you love the Batterer to has beaten you,stolen from you and walked away with everything by stealing it all......? Reply

Pamela May 1, 2015

sparks of Adam You said all Jews are one body because they are all sparks of Adam. You should have added immediately that all the world is one body because we are all sparks of Adam. Where do you think the rest of the world came from? Are you intentionally giving the rest of the world reason to think you are all about yourselves so we might as well leave you alone forever? If you believe you are the chosen ones, what are you chosen for? Is it all about you? Do you think that inventing things and being smart is enough? How about giving the knowledge of God that He favored you with to the world? What else really matters in the end? I don't want to hear about how you have to start with the "family." We are all one family in Ha Shem. We are all sons and daughters of Adam. If you are going to refer all the way back to Adam, don't leave out the rest of his children as though we don't really matter -- unless you don't want the rest of the world to like you -- or don't care. Reply

Anonymous NewYork City May 1, 2015

Love or Hate ? Does that mean that you love the Batterer of a husband and Hate the Battering? Reply

Anonymous April 30, 2015

Brilliant. This teaching was a gift. The more I learn about Judaism, the more I see what a blessing it is to all of humanity. I cannot imagine what this planet would be like without G-d's people. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn February 23, 2015

Nice!! I like to listen to your speeches. Keep up your good work.

I just want to add two thinks.

1. That the root if somebody is Jewish is after the mother, but like if you’re a cohen or levi etc. has to do with the father.

2. The moer einayim say's "if you see somebody doing wrong things (or you get nervous from them) you still need to love the fellow Jew, and hate his bad middos".
But you still love the person itself but dislike his bad habits. Reply

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