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You Were Never Meant To Do It Alone

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You Were Never Meant To Do It Alone


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Mark Swift Chesapeake, VA via JewishTV iOS January 31, 2023

Beautiful! Reply

Carol Klein New York September 14, 2022

Just what I needed. Thank you!! Reply

Susan July 27, 2021

Wonderful and beautiful! Thank you. Reply

Eartha Powell May 31, 2021

Thank you. Totally awesome. Thank you. Reply

Silvana Zehnpfennig Bochum May 30, 2021

Dear Sara Blau, I just want to share you my impression I had on friday morning before I watched your video and got your powerful message: I was a bit upset, because of challenging with some very destructive circumstances in my environment. But after hearing your message, I thought, yes, that's true, I am not alone, there are always people I can connect with them, share with them and get some positive impressions, another perspectives, good instructions, that all can help me to overcome my struggles or just let them there, where they came from. Thank you so much. Best wishes, Silvana. Reply

Michael Stein Potomac May 30, 2021

Amazing, deeply spiritual poem-- Just what I needed-- thank you. I'll be sharing this with my students next year. Reply

Sandy F. ("Shalom Yaakov") Jackson, NJ May 30, 2021

Truly magnificent, just perfect. I know it's cliche just say this but, sincerely, this is exactly what I needed to hear right now! Thank you. Reply

Jordana Jagielski New Albany OH May 30, 2021


What a beautiful, poetic and moving video that you shared with students of all ages. So true, we are not meant to do our spiritual journey alone... in fact we cannot do life alone. Words of Wisdom. Brilliant! Many thanks!!! Reply

Borys May 28, 2021

We need more hair to follow your narrative! Reply

Elizabeth Crum Ridgefield Park May 28, 2021

Wow. I needed this at this moment. Thank you so much. Reply

Shifrah miami May 28, 2021

Beautiful. perfect. timely. the students are fortunate to have you and hear this. Thank you Reply

Vivienne K Franklin Park May 27, 2021

A wonderful in-depth message- Thanks for sharing. Reply

Malka Los Angeles May 27, 2021

Just beautiful. Reply

Joseph Gil Osle Baltimore May 27, 2021

Truly inspirational!
Many thanks Reply

Channah P Dallas, Texas May 26, 2021

Just what Anonymous said - wow! This is amazing. Thank you for this, lovely Lady. Reply

Anonymous April 13, 2021

Wow! wow! wow! Reply

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