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Insights from the Life of King David

Dealing with Challenges, an Epidemic and Sibling Rivalry

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Insights from the Life of King David: Dealing with Challenges, an Epidemic and Sibling Rivalry

Discover more about the life of King David, his deep faith, and the pivotal role of his mother Nitzevet.
Nitzevet, Struggle, Challenge & Adversity, King David

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adekeye, Folorunso Elijah Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa June 29, 2023

God bless Chama. I'm blessed and encouraged by that great teaching. Reply

Paul Pitman Somerset KY June 19, 2023

How will one know when the descendant of King David will come Reply

David McPhail Johannesburg South Africa September 9, 2022

Thank you for this teaching Chana so informative and well done... so wonderful to hear about Nitzevet's strength too please can you confirm why you think King David was coronated King by Samuel at the age of 28? .. only 2 years before being King over Israel and Judah but When he faced Goliath Saul referred to him as a boy .. and Goliath was a man of war from his youth.. Reply

Dr. La Verne Tolbert Los Angeles, California July 14, 2020

Your study of King David’s childhood is so instructive for us today. Thank you. Is it possible to know your original sources/references? I am writing about David’s mother, and of course will cite you as my primary reference, but I would also like to read original sources in English if possible. Thanks so much for your help. Reply

S UK June 6, 2020

When studying King David, the overwhelming feeling and realisation this was a beloved King of HaShem brought me to a feeling of deep humility. King David is a cherished, blessed individual whom pours out his heart to HaShem and is listened too with compassion and caring from Hashem.

King David teaches us to remain steadfast in our love for Hashem. Here is where I learnt the love of HaShem and to realise that many sufferings can be our own doing out of folly and or, a necessary for personal development.

Families, we bring our children into this world out of tremendous blessings, yet, out of various factors our children (G-d forbid) can be our greatest challenge from their behaviours. All their ways are known and HaShem feels the same as we do when we feel challenged in regards to the love of our children.

Without King David's teaching, how can we come to know and love Hashem, other than the teaching of the Rebbe'im?

Thank you Chana Reply

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