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The Special Dignity of the Jewish Woman

The inner beauty of hair-covering

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The Special Dignity of the Jewish Woman: The inner beauty of hair-covering

In this inspirational talk, Shaindy Jacobson sheds light on the inner dignity of Jewish femininity with personal stories and anecdotes.
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Women, Femininity & Feminism, Hair Covering

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Anonymous June 24, 2016

Mrs. Jacobson is a legend. Reply

Anonymous Naples March 9, 2015

This speech makes me feel so proud about my ancestry. Thank you. Reply

Ramona February 28, 2014

I love her explanation and speech. It explains so much why I did got thought so many things from my grandparents and why my parents it never forwarded to me.Sad but true :) thank you Reply

Anonymous INWOOD, NY 11096 November 22, 2013

THANK YOU This lecture is just what I needed to hear. Thank you. Reply

zahava israel November 21, 2013

terrific shiur wonderful!!! thank you so much!!!! Reply

devora switzerland November 21, 2013

thank you thank you for a wonderful, warm and moving speech about what is truly the core Reply

rinah November 21, 2013

question please Loved your talk, but Jews are not allowed to mourn? Reply

malka unger NY November 20, 2013

What wigs were intended for Women look much better with wigs. I thought they were for modesty but more men look at those with gorgeous hair Reply

EstherLiba NJ November 20, 2013

Exceptional! Mrs. Jacobson, this talk was one of the high points of all my years of learning!

In 2001, right after Sept 11, I took my 15-year-old daughter to a community psalm-reading for the 9/11 victims. During the event, a rebbetzin from my Torah-observant community ascended the podium to remark that, "Just like in the 1940s, we can thank the non-observant Jews for the tragedies befalling us."

I recall clearly that my daughter and I looked at each other in sadness and bewilderment. Our Rebbe had never spoken this way about a fellow Jew, and we were unused to such a critical, polarizing assessment.

Since then, I have been waiting to hear what my daughter and I SHOULD HAVE heard that night. So I thank you for the story at the end of the video: the story of a different sort of 1940s Jew who described his Jewish brethren with such loving oneness, “young, old, bearded, clean-shaven, bewigged, bare-headed”—all of them united in their heartfelt Shema Yisrael. Thank you! Reply

DW New York November 19, 2013

Synthetic Hair Wigs Look Good I look just fine in my synthetic hair wigs. Really. Truly. They only cost about fifty dollars online. Just google. Anybody can look great in a wig, and afford a wig. It doesn't have to be human hair. And so easy-care, too. I am so happy I finally got the courage to wear one. I look so much better.

Scarves are fine too but I love my wigs.

Joy in a mitzvah! No harm in that. Reply

Nora Switzerland November 18, 2013

Love your talk! Reply

Ramesh Trinidad November 17, 2013

Great, I enjoyed every moment of this lecture. Reply

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