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Mystical Secrets on Prayer and Meditation

Prayer is our opportunity to enter into a dialogue with G-d. But many of us are unfamiliar with the prayers, their meaning, and the actual practice of Jewish prayer. In this series you’ll learn all about the body, soul, and song of prayer, and free yourself to communicate with G-d.

Mystical Secrets on Prayer and Meditation
Over 3000 years ago the very first Jew meditated and talked to G-d. Ever since then, through our prayers, we’ve focused and meditated on G-d’s greatness.
The Modeh Ani Prayer
Just as eating a nutritious breakfast at the start of our day is important for our well-being, similarly the Modeh Ani prayer helps jump-start our spiritual day.
Verses of Praise--The Prayer of Pesukei d'Zimra
There is a big castle that is surrounded by thorn bushes that we need to chop down in order to clear our path to get inside. The verses of praise, ‘pesukei d'zimra’, are those prayers that help us "chop down" and clear away all those external barriers that distract us, in order to give us access to the castle of our inner selves and souls.
The Shema Prayer
The Shema prayer has always been a central prayer for Jews in times of difficulty and times of wonder, connecting us to G-d as well as other Jews. Find out about the history, evolution and meaning of this prayer and why it is such a powerful prayer for us.
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