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What's the Most Important Day of Your Life?

Deed vs. creed. Action is what matters.

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What's the Most Important Day of Your Life?: Deed vs. creed. Action is what matters.

Judaism, Yitro, Naaseh V'nishma, Action; Deed

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Anon March 4, 2021

Are Jews then radical empiricists, behaviorists, positivists? Is external action & appearance the essence?

Kate Chopin wrote a classic short story laser-focused on this view’s implications: “Story of an Hour.”

A woman, deeply aggrieved to learn from a messenger her husband died in a shipwreck, nearly collapses from the anguish. As the messenger exits, she reconsiders the implications of her widowhood, realizing she hated her husband & was glad, even overjoyed, that he died & could no longer oppress her. No sooner than she than she starts inwardly celebrating her emancipation does the door open revealing her husband standing right before her, it turning out to have been a mistake. Overcome with grief, she dies on the spot.

A doctor assesses the empirical facts of her case: Nearly mortally aggrieved by news of her husband’s death, is overcome with joy, “a joy that kills”...

Do we agree with the (scientist-empiricist) doc, appearance = truth? He says “joy,” but it’s really grief!! Reply

Daniele Rodrigues Silva Campinas March 2, 2021

Thanks Chaya. That was a great class. I'd like to add one thing. The deed is the main thing but we shall not forget that the deeds must be made with "joy and gladness of the heart", which is an essential part of the mitzvot. A deed without the heart, in my opinion, is worst than inertia. Thank you so much.
Your way of teaching is very efficient, clear, complete, and enjoyable. I will continue watching your lessons. Reply

Nili Florida March 2, 2021

Great message! Thank you Reply

Shlomo March 1, 2021

Hi I am a Shliach in California and I showed this video of yours to a Jewish High school club here and the 12 teens and the teacher really enjoyed your class so thank you! Reply

Louie Modling Cat Spring, TX February 8, 2021

Thanks for doing this video. I enjoyed it very much. I have learned by doing lots of things relating to the commandments. Shalom. Reply

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