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Women of the Bible

Three paradigms of Jewish femininity

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Women of the Bible: Three paradigms of Jewish femininity

What lessons for our own lives can we learn from studying the lives of biblical women? Learn about three great women from our past: Sarah, Rebecca and Nitzevet.
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Nitzevet, Rebecca, Sarah

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Elizabth tennessee February 27, 2020

Beautiful message, I will definitely be back for more. Reply

Anonymous Brisbane, Australia April 26, 2014

Without background This was a beautiful and inspiring talk, thank you. I am married to a Jewish man and a convert and so I don't have the background that makes a Jew, a Jew. Does this mean I'm not part of the Jewish family? There are many perspectives on this. I have a European background that of course included wartime struggles but my family never suffered the tragedies and persecutions of the Jewish people. I share in the pain, and in the joys, of my husband's strong Jewish identity, but can I really ever understand? This is what I struggle with...Thank you however for adding to my education and inspiring me. Reply

Hadassah August 31, 2013

I love this teaching I love this teaching of the Women of our Faith.I have learned something new today.G-d bless you-You are a Woman of Valor! I cannot wait to learn more from you. Reply

Anonymous USA June 26, 2013

Women Of The Bible Your lecture has been very inspiring Chana Weisberg. In spite of what a man's comment here which is so denigrating. There are many good men out there. As well there are many good women. In this case you happen to be speaking of a special case. In my case was not so wonderful with a dysfunctional father. But, your words to-day are very, very inspiring. It helped me look at negativity in life on a different perspective. Thank you, you are a wonderful teacher. Baruch Hashem! Reply

Stan Soboleski Atco, NJ May 6, 2013

You bring tears to my eyes! You are anointed to teach. What insight you bring out in the Jewish covenant people of G-d. May G-d continue to use you as you teach men and women. You were created for such a time as this. You are appreciated and loved.

G-d bless you dear Chana Weisberg! You touch our hearts as you teach with goodness of G-d while facing life's hurts. I can be grateful for my past hurts and pains. I'm a better man because of kind gentle women in my life. My mother, sisters, my wife and grand daughters together make men complete.

Thank you and G-d bless you Chana Weisberg.

I am Stan Soboleski and I appreciate women more because of Chana. Reply

Marcella S Colorado April 18, 2013

Wisdom and messages for the Downtrodden I was blown away by the ease of your ability to weave stories from Torah and connect to our lives now.

I was envisioning your lovely voice speaking to a bunch of teens who are or have been suicidal, or are depressed.

As human beings, we all need the reminder that we are all children of G-d and that despite what others think, say, or do, we have to be patient and keep turning to G-d to keep us on our own unique path in life. Reply

Eliana summerfield, Florida July 2, 2012

RE; Not all fathers are the same No offence, but what she is just trying to point out Fathers can replace a Mom, I love my dad, but he can't be my mom:) Reply

Jessica Brooks Phoenix, az USA July 1, 2012

Inspirational There is no doubt that you are a very inspirational speaker/author to very many, but I must say you are quite the inspiration to me. I feel good watching your videos and do feel closer to G-d as a result! I plan to read all of your books. Reply

Zemira Syracuse, NY June 28, 2012

Andrew You're a mensch! Keep up the good work. Reply

Sherrie Diamondhead, Ms. June 26, 2012

Inspire Wisdom is what you do. I have forwarded a couple of your video's to friends in hopes of passing along some of your thoughts & ideas on Torah. Thank you for being a voice to Jewish women. Reply

Anonymous Georgia November 2, 2018
in response to Sherrie:

The will to do ones best is hard fought. I also have passed on this inspirational message, that came just when I personally needed to hear it most. Thank you so much! Reply

Andrew Plainview, Ny June 23, 2012

Not all fathers are the same I'm a father and insulted by your father flunking mommies school. It's hard to be a father,husband,son, brother in these times. A mans role is not what it was. I gave my children their irst baths. I changed as many diapers as my wife. I made homemade baby food for my children.You probably didn't mean to insult fathers but not all fathers are like the ones the little girl in your story has. Reply

Anonymous n.y, .n.y June 21, 2012

Women Of the Torah Very, very inspiring... Very, very beautiful...
Thank you so much Rebbitzen Weisberg.
Wish I could carry you around with me, have you as my personal mentor, right there at a moments notice... Reply

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