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Spirituality for Materialists

Why you need a body to be spiritual

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Spirituality for Materialists: Why you need a body to be spiritual

Great spiritual treasures lie hidden in the most material aspects of our world—a unique chassidic perspective on physicality.
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R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi (Alter Rebbe), Spirituality, Materialism, Physicality and Spirituality

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Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia February 19, 2014

Wonderful class I am so delighted! Thank you very much! Reply

Rubens Junior Israel December 31, 2013

Very nice explanation about this subject. I like very much this. I live here in Israel, but I follow all this sayings, very nice reflections. Reply

Debbie Feynman Forest Hills, NY March 29, 2011

Thank you Nomi,

Thank you for your wonderful lectures. I just love listening to you and the way you tell your story. You seem to possess such intelligence, grace, warmth and charm. Please share more.

Thanks again. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma March 29, 2011

a Covenant of Salt: the "el "in elevate itself There is in the word assault, the word SALT, and I mention this because of the story about salt ad also a story that I am recording that is deeply about words and the actualization of the potentials within the letters.

We teach in metaphor and parables, and it could be said that all life is truly metaphor, and so to take care of one's house, to make it shine, could be as caring for a baby, to see all scrolls of paper as Torah, is to see that all is truly metaphor and yes, we can branch out, and see that the physical and the spiritual are closely connected. Those poets among us, are doing this constantly, in perceiving through metaphor a connectivity with ONE, and all acts of creativity are again, about this.

I come from a long line of famous rabbis who were known as Kabbalists, but one could say, all kowledge is received.

I am seeing that G_d wrote the entire story, that is deeply about us all. Reply

rk Bowie, MD March 28, 2011

presenter N. Freeman expounded beautifully upon her topic leaving the listener with a palpable sense of spiritual appreciation or at least the will to aspire to it.

She comes across as very knowledgeable too. Reply