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Living Our Day to Day Lives as a Jewish Woman

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Living Our Day to Day Lives as a Jewish Woman

What is in the DNA of a Jewish woman? And how can we use these qualities to structure our day to live our lives as better Jewish women?
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Women, Femininity & Feminism

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Mattika Rosenthal Chabad Redondo July 14, 2022

How do I share this with my group of women friends, we call ourselves the “Shull Girls”.

We are a group of ladies from the Chabad in Redondo Beach California. We meet every Shabbat after services to discuss the weekly Torah portion. it has strengthened us all.
I know I start every day asking HaShem to guide my day. We all need structure, and it’s so much easier through the course of the day when HaShem is guiding us.

Mattika Rosenthal Reply

M. Diane Flushing, NY September 6, 2016

What would Rachel do? It took about 24 hours for me to appreciate how very useful the instruction contained in this video is. Since watching this lecture I go about my day asking myself: "Would a proper Chassidic Jewess do this; would she avoid this; or, would she perhaps do this in a different manner? Somebody should make T-shirts and/or bumper stickers for us gals that say: "What would Rachel do?" Reply

RebecaPalomo Winston Salem, NC August 28, 2016

nice Your session reminded me of the country song:life turned her that way
This song goes through my head when I meet a difficult person. To bite my tongue and remember how important it is to be kind.

Thank you. Worth watching twice! Reply

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