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Feminism and Judaism

Revolutionary ideas Chassidism teaches us about feminism

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Feminism and Judaism: Revolutionary ideas Chassidism teaches us about feminism

Feminist Movement, The Modern, Women, Femininity & Feminism

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Rita Forbes Clinton July 18, 2020

Hello, Shifra

Thank you for a very in-depth and empowering lesson. You gave me a better understanding of the men's prayer that I tried not to think as being bias. Also the role of the greater light (the sun), the importance of the reflection of the lesser light (the moon) radiating from the greater light at night, and how unity can split and still be united equality in fulfilling divine purpose. Scientifically and mathematically, it's a miracle! I am looking forward to your next lesson.

Be Blessed, Reply

Deborah Schenfeld Texarkana, Arkansas, USA July 17, 2020

I love the quote & I wholeheartedly agree. Nevertheless, I don't like the word 'feminism' in connection with Torah. Why? I grew up in the '60's & that word, 'feminism' was all over the news as a revolt against being 'stuck' in the home raising one's own children. Times change & I'm not opposed to woman having careers & impact on the world. Women have great energy & influence. It's just that I heard at that time, so much anger, so much narcissic attitude of being independent from the relationship of man & woman & thinking they had to prove they could do everything a man can do. I know change had to come, but in my mind, feminism had so much to do in the deterioration of marriage & families staying together, women & men showing respect for one another, & men been allowed to fulfill their roles. Yes, the moon is as important as the Sun. We need one another & to bring our strengths to the table to help one another, be humble & encourage the light in one another.
. Reply

זכרי July 17, 2020

Thanks for the wonderful ideas and the message is quite clear. Reply

Tziporah NSW, AU July 16, 2020

Thank you for this powerful lesson on how there must be balance in the Universe. The giver is nothing without the receiver and vice versa. No matter how big or small. Therefor it is quite clear for me to see how it is all equal. Reply

H Eu July 15, 2020

If we will be just suns shining/giving all day and night, not only that we will not accomplish something but the world won’t endure.. it will dry and burn and die off.
So there is perfect partnership between sun and moon and same goes for man and woman.
Nice lesson
Thanks! Reply