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A Life Worth Living

Torah Thoughts on the Meaning of Life

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A Life Worth Living: Torah Thoughts on the Meaning of Life

Is it possible to be living but not be alive? What it takes to get in touch with your essential self and activate the point within your soul that gives meaning to life.
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Anonymous July 18, 2014

This was so beautiful. I have a similar story to the one you told at the end with the girl. I hope Hashem blesses you to share more and more inspiration I can listen to this all day (today I did!) thank you. Reply

Michael Wyoming USA May 22, 2014

I enjoy your teaching very much. May G-d continue to bless you as those
blessings continue to us.
thank you, dear lady. Reply

Shlomith Yehudith Australia February 9, 2013

Mrs Shimona Tzukernik is so great! I found the shiurim of Mrs Shimona today, and her words are resonating deeply in my soul.
Shimona is so grounded and centred, so clear and so interesting.

Thank you Mrs Tzukernik for your wisdom, Baruch Hashem!!!! Reply

Anonymous USA January 13, 2013

I heard this video about a year and a half ago. I do not know what I wrote down in my comment. I do not see it here. But your last words show me that that is exactly what I have been finding out. I was a lost object, and I needed to return to Hashem. But the difference in the story is that she found out by going to that guru. With me Hashem, blessed be He, was the one who told me Himself. I remember how stonning this was. It was the greatest revelation in my life. This video I appreciate very much. Thank you Shimona for enlightening me again. The only and greatest challenge for me is that this girl in your story had grown up in a Judaism practicing home, I didn't. Therefore, it is, and it will be, difficult for me to be accepted in the tribe, but it is all in Hashem's, blessed be He, hands. I am just waiting for the big day, when Moshiach comes, He will bring me into the congregation. Blessed be He!! Reply

Brenda Jones Birmingham, alabama March 23, 2012

a life worth living I so love this video!!!!!!!!! I have watch it more than 5 times. It has so Blessed my Heart, my life and I am a Better person becaue of her teaching. Thank you so much for pouring out of your heart in this teaching. I know that I have a life worth living!!!!! Reply

Leah Lapidus cleveland, oh/usa September 19, 2011

Thank You Thank you for this video/lecture.
Shimona Tzukernik is definitely now one of my new favorite lecturers on I will be looking for more.....she is really wonderful. Reply

Marilyn Malick Proston, Queensland, Australia August 2, 2011

Finding my way back Thank you for showing me the way back! I have been wandering in the desert for a long part of my life, now I have found your web site, I am living the dash between the year I was born and the date I will die. I have been wanting for nearly all my life to live my life as a Judean woman by living the Torah. I am starting my daily studies with your readings here , and cannot thank you enough for your programme. The only thing I am sad about is the Jewish words I cannot understand, but will soon learn them, Marilyn Reply

Moshe Tel Aviv July 31, 2011

What a gift Hashem has given you May you continue to use it out well. Reply

Mr. Yahlichia Cardiel July 19, 2011

.... Thank you for the teaching it is a very inspirational view on reality that I needed to hear. Reply

Anonymous Los Angeles June 26, 2011

More from Shimona, please :) Thank you. This was wonderful. Reply

Anonymous San Francisco, CA June 10, 2011

Great video More videos from Shimona, please! Reply

Catherine NY, NY May 24, 2011

not for jews only This was truly an excellent enlightening speech. Since so many non jews read and listen to, including me, I must tell you that any person who wants to be righteous and good in this world, sometimes needs to remember what you said is for them too. When you feel lost, remember who you are, carved from G-d, and where you are going, back to G-d. The dash in between should be filled by following G-d's laws, and you will be free and happy. Thank G-d the Jews were the ones who show everyone the way, and if the non jews are lucky enough to hear and see what you said is true, then they are blessed too. Reply

rachel l. israel May 24, 2011

Thanks! Toda raba!
May we all matzliach!!! Reply

Iva maria São Paulo, Brazil May 23, 2011

Thank you Shimona This lecture was very motivational to get me to add more and more Torah to my practical life. Reply

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