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The Meaning of Pain and Suffering

Bonding with G-d Through Tragedy

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The Meaning of Pain and Suffering: Bonding with G-d Through Tragedy

Are the darkest moments of our lives really G-d communicating with us on a higher level? The traditional prayer of mourning -- "Baruch Dayan Emet" -- holds the answer.
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Everything is for the Good, Concealed Good, Baruch Dayan HaEmet, Pain, Suffering & Tragedy, Sadness; Grief

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Elizabeth Alcoba Olney April 29, 2019

This is so helpful Rabbi. Thank you. Reply

Linda Stellenbosh South Africa October 1, 2018

Dear Rabbi, this is spot-on explanations to universal questions. Thank you for sharing answers in such a gentle way on some of the most difficult topics. I hope to get a family member who is angry with God to listen to this. Reply

Isak André Wøien Oslo September 7, 2018

Thank you for sharing. Reply

Robert March 24, 2018

Also not Jewish but this man touched my soul. Thank you Reply

Adrian Werum Germany March 28, 2014

Although not being jewish myself I draw a lot of comfort and strength from these pages. Thank you so much for spreading these wonderful messages and inspiring me in all stages of my life. Reply

Bill McKeen Connecticut February 3, 2014

Pain and Suffering

Pain and Suffering:

I look ahead, I look behind, I look to the left, and I look to the right and what do I see. A lot of pain and suffering. In their faces and demeanor. I see struggle, fear and anxiety. I see tension. I see those who are suffering from mental illness and addictions. I see all those people who must endure physical pain. I see the poor and neglected, the deaf, the blind and the crippled. I see suffering in old age with all it's infirmities, And for what reason must all this be? I ask God for the answer and none is yet to be found. The cause, as the expert surmise, is for two reasons, one the free will of man, be it for good or evil and the other from the constant laws of nature, as in in birth, growth and decay with time and chance at play. I don't question the the system and I how it works. I understand it completely. The larger question for me is what purpose does it serve? In the aeon of time this echo has never been tendered. Reply

Anonymous October 24, 2013

Praise G-d! Thank you! Praise G-d! Thank you! Reply

Dorothy Bucher Eugene Oregon December 19, 2012

the meaning of suffering: that was a wonderful lecture by the Rabbi; and I completely agree with him that the suffering and pain brings you close to God in a way that happiness or normal feelings do not. Since I have been going through a lot of pain with psychological stuff from my past, that's coming out in feelings, I do have this connection with the all mighty that I could never comprehend before. It's almost like I am just a little part of God, that he puts in this world, to experience everything; and through me. The all mighty is connecting with all of us in the world. And I feel very close to him as the Rabbi said. Its changing me in a way I never thought I would; into a real person, and a full person.I also understand that I have to find a synagogue and a small Jewish community to be close to again. I cannot do that now, where I live. But somehow I must do that. So I realize that's part of what he is talking about. The creator knows what he's doing, even though we suffer Shalom, thank you very much Reply

Christa Myrtle Beach August 17, 2018
in response to Dorothy Bucher:

I so feel exactly what your saying. B'H!!! Reply

Elena Ester Rivka Guadagnini Italy August 29, 2011

thanks thanks a lot Rabbi, now I have the means to confort my cousin, for she has recently known that her mother is about to die for a lung cancer. My father too died for the same terrible disease, but at that time I do not know the teachings of Torah and I was far from a Jewish community. Now, thanks to G-d, and to your words inspired by Him, and to the wonderful work that all the Chabad movement is doing, there is much more sweetness and peace in my heart than before. Thanks Reply

Phyllis Dallas, TX August 24, 2011

Joy I just finished asking a friend -what does it take to be joyous and happy? I have never been happy..

All I have known is sorrow with abusive parents. Reply

Anonymous wiesviller, france August 21, 2011

this video/meaning of pain and suffering thank you, I start to understand why and what happens in my life. It started with my 12th birthday and continues till now, I am 56 years old, and I still have so much to learn and I'm happy to discover your site. Reply

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