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The Kabbalah of Anger Management

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The Kabbalah of Anger Management

Kabbalistic insights are practically applied to master the art of anger management.

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Pat Smith February 13, 2022

I understand that it is not good to become angry but I do have a question and I hope I can receive some guidance on the answer.
What if there was a medication other than the vaccines that could have been used during the current pandemic. And if this medicine had been widely used, up to 80 percent of all the deaths could have been prevented around the world and millions of hospitalizations could have been prevented? And what if the doctors in the USA and other nations who are trying to get this message out to the public and to the government through proper channels are being fired, attacked, being threated with losing their hospital privileges, etc etc? If you were one of these doctors, who were watching your patients die each week and the government and the hospital for whom you worked was tying your hands and not letting you use this medicine
or destroying your career because you did use this medicine to save lives? Reply

Pat Smith February 18, 2022
in response to Pat Smith:

Shouldn't health care personnel in this situation be allowed to feel anger, and does it not matter what a person does with that emotion? I believe it is important to think about feeling anger and then what do we do with that feeling? What if in some way, that anger saves millions of lives? Reply

K. Brooks July 28, 2020

In my teenage years, i 'justified' my anger towards my parents by remembering that this was one way i had buttressed up my need to differentiate from my parents ....

Excellent talk about how to sublimate your anger ... yes, the best way is to redirect the energy into creative form.

Thank you so much for your stewardship, Nomi. Reply

Mike Fishbain Wilmette, Ill USA July 7, 2020

Is there a distinction between temper and anger. Upon stubbing my toe or being stuck in traffic I find me getting explosive. I’ll rant foe a minute or so, then I’m back to my generally calm self. It’s Ben suggested that letting go is better than holding in ones emotions like a teapot about to whistle. I’ve said many times I wish I could control the impulsiveness and have asked Hashem for some help. I enjoyed your presentation very much and will try hard to improve. I very much don’t want to lose any “credits” I may have acquired.
Toda Reply

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