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Does Life Just Make You Want to Cry Sometimes?

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Does Life Just Make You Want to Cry Sometimes?

Good folk, when they repent, cry over their bad deeds. Really good folk, saints, Tzaddikim, cry over something else altogether.
Tears; Weeping, Teshuvah, Ha'azinu

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Shmuel Ashdod October 18, 2019

Very deep and thought-provoking! Reply

K. Toronto October 13, 2019

Interesting, but the idea of weeping over "Life" requires more serious consideration ... The soulful of this world cry out to the Lord because of the condition of the world's nations in Exile.

I like your style of satire, although i admit that a serious discussion of the layers of this, as you call it "existentialism" has a marginal influence on Judaism, or even on Christianity, for those who steadfastly read the Good Book.

Especially considering that we are now going into the time of Sukkot, a time of reflection on what was lamented on Yom Kippur.

It is indeed a 'time of times' so might we, "seize the day"?
L'Shana Tovah. 5780 Reply

a. Temptation School for the temporarily deaf November 11, 2019
in response to K.:

On second thought, it appears i wrote something that might be construed as haughty.

Thanks for quoting Deuteronomy 32. 'Give ear".


Tania Canada October 12, 2019

You have an amazing way of conveying the teachings of the Rebbe so it’s easy to understand and very interesting to listen to. Blessings. Reply

Nigel Poore Sydney Australia October 12, 2019

Love it!
Very very very good, very very very deep and meaningful, and with humour too! Reply

Perla Segal Victoria, B.C. Canada via October 11, 2019

Michael Chighel: I viewed your video "Does life making you want to cry sometimes?" The message was helpful but I feel the video is insulting. It seems you are trying to make a joke about an emotional topic? Why did the man look unkempt, engulfed in a cloud of cigarette smoke, and speaking in a phoney French accent? Reply

Anonymous Lake Saint Louis October 10, 2019

Now I have a million questions. My soul desires to be connected to it's divine source and cries, but the Divine source desires a dwelling place. Does that make each person a dwelling place? Also how about when a soul cries because in some cases it's the purest reaction to darkness, injustice, (insert a list of pains here)? How does what the video teaches connect to painful cries that are not of a selfish nature? By selfish, I mean, not about self. Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem November 12, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

According to the celebrated chassidic discourse "Bosi LeGani," each person does indeed constitute a dwelling place for G-d.

As for other reasons to cry out, please do keep in mind that this is just one video on one topic. There are a good many reasons to cry out to Heaven. Reply

Emmanuel baffoe bonney October 10, 2019

Can someone life make him cry,and that part of life is not allowing him to even read the Torah. Because that part of life make him unclean,so he do not qualify to even get closer to the Torah. Do that means God do not want him? ,This make me cry always.please can someone help explain? Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem November 12, 2019
in response to Emmanuel baffoe bonney:

Dirt doesn't matter. You can always cry out to G-d! You can always get close to the Torah! Reply

Andrew Pimentel Lynn October 10, 2019

Thank you! Reply

Leslie Tuwaga Pretoria October 10, 2019

Perfect 👌 Amazing Reply

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