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Does a Soul Never Die?

Belief in the Afterlife

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Does a Soul Never Die? : Belief in the Afterlife

What does Kabbalah say about the afterlife, and the eternal nature of the soul? And can this be explained on a human level?
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Soul, Life After Death

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Anonymous Montreal, QC July 30, 2015

Soul Much of this talk is inspiring and helpful, particularly the kite image, a truing figure to which I certainly can relate. I think it might be interesting to my four year old grand daughter, too, who has just learned of such things as kites and who told me she studies G-d in her day care....amazing. Already. Oh, yes, and that little experiment with the Russian kitten and its mother---telepathy. We know deeply from the inside and you bring this mechanism with no name out for examination (miraculously!) as the neshama that links us to and forever the Source. I will listen to more lectures hoping to hear further helpful instruction over the weeks ahead. May you be at the head table in Heaven if I am at the outer limits because your generous instruction holds this earthly feast called education on track. Thank you. Reply

kenneth? Kasriel Gaddy?Gaddi kingston, N.Y. 12401 November 22, 2014

This Class I very much enjoyed your at length talk about the Neshomah. many are not out right about the facts of this, Nor the Ruach of the role of the Nefesh. Reply

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