I am curious to know if there is a Biblical source for the healing power of the sun?


We know that Vitamin D is manufactured by the interaction between the skin and sunlight, and that the main role of vitamin D is to increase absorption of calcium in the digestive tract.

Looking to Biblical sources for the sun’s healing power, we find the following episode: In Genesis, the story is told of the battle between Jacob and the angel of his wicked brother Esau. This wrestling match lasted throughout the night with the two opponents locked in a head-to-head competition. As dawn approached, Jacob’s nemesis took a cheap shot below the belt, dislocating Jacob’s hip and giving him a limp.

After the above story, the verse states (32:32), “And the sun shone for him.” Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, known as Rashi, asks in his classical commentary: What do the words “for him” mean? When the sun shines, is it not shining for everyone?! He answers by telling us that the sun had risen for Jacob’s benefit, “for him,” in order to heal his hip.

Could this be an allusion to one of the wonderful healing mechanisms that G‑d has implanted in the natural world?

The sun is indeed a recognized source of health and healing in the Jewish tradition. In the book of Malachi, it states (3:20): “And the sun of mercy shall rise with healing in its wings.”

We are told that the light that illuminated the world during the six days of creation was removed from the world. The sun is only a minute fraction of this original light (1/60th to be exact). In the Jewish description of messianic times, this divine light will return to the world once again for us to enjoy. If the sun contains such incredible powers to heal, can you imagine what the “original light” will be able to do?