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The Tefillin of Auschwitz

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The Tefillin of Auschwitz

An incredible story of the secret pair of Tefillin used in the dark of the concentration camp barrack.
Holocaust, Tefillin

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Sara England February 11, 2021

Wow this is really beautiful and inspiring!! We are so privileged to be able to do these Mitzvos openly without risking our lives and we should really appreciate that!! Reply

Jerry Cohen Indio February 10, 2021

My Chabad rabbi has gifted me with a pair of teffilin (never before had a pair). Henceforth, I shall recall the sacrifices made by so many when performing this mitzvah. If they can do it and risk death doing so, certainly I can make the time to do it and be grateful in the process. I look forward to discovering the wonder of this mitzvah -- an act meant to elevate life, that could ironically result in death. I need more time to process this. Thank you for sharing. Reply

Miriam Ruvinskis San Marcos, CA February 9, 2021

Tears of joy and sadness, the duality of life, the great sacrifice of our people. So touching an heartbreaking!Thank you for this story! Reply

Avner Stein Casselberry February 8, 2021

I was singing Al Hanissim (the opening song in this video) last Chanuka, thinking how blessed I was to be able to light the candles without risking my life. I'll now also think that when laying tefillin. Reply

Hana Europe February 8, 2021

Amazing Reply

Michael Brooklyn February 8, 2021

My son and I went to Auschwitz a few years ago to feel the pain and hell! In the first building we went in, looked out the window and tears flowed down our faces like giant rain drops. A tragedy of gigantic proportions!!
Michael D. and Andrew D.

Susan Levitsky February 8, 2021

I already knew this story but it is a very great privilege to hear Rabbi Mangel tell it himself. Reply

Sheina February 8, 2021

Wow! Such a beautiful and inspirational story!! Reply

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