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33 Days

A Chanukah short

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33 Days: A Chanukah short


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David/ Gail Childers Waynesville, NC December 14, 2011

all lit up Oh Goodness did I love this!!!!! It remeinded me so much of the song my husband and I wrote two years ago for Chanukkah. About us being the light of the world and the menorah!! I cried at this. Thank you so much for sharing. Reply

Anonymous cincinnati, ohio May 3, 2010

thank you i play myself this video whenever i want to remind myself what my purpose is here Reply

Linda Haniford Brooklyn, NY December 9, 2009

Comment That video came from G-d. Reply

Ezra Krybus December 8, 2009

34 Days ? David,

Thanks for the warm words.
You're right that we didn't account for the people stopping after 8 days in our calculation because the difference is insignificant. I am by no means a mathematician but we did cross reference the math with an expert and he was the one who confirmed 33 days. The final number though as we said is only approximate and yours might well be more accurate. Regardless, we here at are hoping that you'll be out there this Chanukah LIVING the numbers, inspiring others. And what I find is that it's the little things that make the deepest impact. Have a truly special Chanukah and keep correcting those numbers. Reply

David Charlottesville, VA December 7, 2009

34 Days? Hi Ezra,

Very nice video-- a wonderful concept! I just thought I'd mention that I believe your math is off. If everyone lights one person each day and did NOT stop after 8 days, it would take 34 days. 2^33 is the number you arrived at, but don't forget that you started on day 1 at 1, or 2^0. Hence, 34 days. However, we still would get a different final number than your 8,589,934,591, since, according to your video, each person is only lighting a new person for 8 days. That is, starting on day 9, you have to subtract away 2^(9-Day#) from each day's sum. If you do all this, it still takes 34 days to light the world, but the final number is 7,717,519,360.

Love the concept though! Hope you don't mind the math corrections. No offense intended. Kudos! Reply

CY December 26, 2008

Beatiful. What to think about. It makes the Rebbe's message all that more attainable and close. Reply

Anonymous December 21, 2008

Michal -- The 33 days is the answer to how long it would take to light the world if every day you "lit up" one more person, and then they would do the same from then on. Reply

michal baltimore, md December 20, 2008

33 days Thanks Ezra! Reply

Mordechai December 20, 2008

33 days If each person did it for another 8 people in 33 days it would cover the entire population of the earth..... Reply

Ezra Krybus Toronto, Canada December 19, 2008

Why 33? Day one is just me
Day two is me and my friend I lit up
Day three I light another person and so does my first friend. 4 Total.
Day four all four of us light another person. So there are 8 people who have been illuminated. The system compounds exponentially.
If you keep going, on day 33, over 8 billion people have been touched. That's what's special about day 33!
It would take only a little over a month to touch the whole world if each person would make a difference in only 8 lives in 8 days. Reply

michal baltimore, md December 18, 2008

33 days I feel silly asking this question, but what do the 33 days refer to? Reply

Marla thornhill, on December 16, 2008

33 Days Ezra -

The message has been received in your beautiful expression. Thank you. Reply

Latte Factor December 16, 2008

Dig the concept! But let's not ignite anything. My Hannukah wish is that our Hannukah candles will be bright and safe! Reply

anonymous December 16, 2008

the videos can you make all the videos through youtube or google videos? because by a lot of people windows media player and real media player do not work Reply

Dovid December 14, 2008

Nice That would be if each person lit one candle. But we light 36 candles over Channuka. Reply

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