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Miracle Days: A Purim Shpiel

A Musical Journey Through the Story of Purim

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Miracle Days - Purim: A Musical Journey Through the Story of Purim

Join the fun as we sing and dance our way through the holiday of Purim.

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Anonymous No were February 22, 2021

nice! Funny and cute Reply

Anonymous May 24, 2020

amazing Reply

Anonymous florida March 4, 2020

i like it a lot Hi💖💗💞 Reply

Devorah leah somwere in this world March 6, 2019

vey cute Reply

Anonymous January 3, 2018

whoever was acting as vashti..... .. sheesh! she had me cracking up. Reply

foodlover SNACKTOWN November 7, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

yaaa same for me XD Reply

Chanale New York May 5, 2021
in response to Anonymous:

Lol yeah! Pretty amazing actress! Reply

mendel lapine Columbia Mo October 3, 2023
in response to Anonymous:

Yeah, when she knocked over a tray of food. Made me break my chair. Reply

batsheva April 16, 2017

love it😍 Reply

andrusier Pembroke Pines August 8, 2016

NICE it`s a nice video Reply

Anonymous pgh February 27, 2014

Israel You have it All Can you tell me where to purchase the DVD? Reply

Mark November 11, 2013

Lyrics and music for this song Anyone able to help? I'd love to buy the music and lyrics.

Paul Slocumb Cape Elizabeth, Maine February 23, 2013

fun for all ages Hip and cute at the same time.
This is serious fun. Reply

Yak Fatzko NY, NY April 14, 2011

Miracle Days soundtrack now available on itunes Amazon,com mp3, lastFm and many other venues. Just Google "Yoni Gershan" Reply

Meryl NY, NY March 16, 2011

CHAG PUIRIM SAMEACH! adorable for all ages. I really liked the lyrics and the melody. Reply

shoshana spielman sydney, austrailia February 14, 2011

thanks I Love it. Reply

Anonymous chicago, IL March 4, 2010

great!!!! It is as good as (almost) every one says but the party was 100% kosher Reply

b.g. January 3, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

no .there are just differing opinions Reply

Mr. Joshua Gruenberg February 19, 2010

Hilarious! i've seen it 4 times this month Reply

Anonymous CH July 28, 2009

RE CD Schwartz It is from the video Miracle Days by Eli Gershon. He also made a video called Israel, You Have It All which features him singing alongside two children at Israel's most famous sites. Reply

Anonymous June 28, 2009

cute!!!! pretty cute!! Reply

miriam kiashmea lake, ny March 10, 2009

video Great video! very cute! Great for kids Reply

katie long Bloomsburg, Pa. March 4, 2009

Story song Great song, I like how it was done in the regae style. Great costumes...very festive!! Reply

CD Schwartz Jerusalem, Israel March 2, 2009

Awesome video!!! This was so well done, the music was so great and catchy, the singing and harmonies right on, the words very clever and funny - the song is very catchy and our family is now addicted to it and we listen/watch it over and over again! The video was very cute and clever - well done and thought out, great job! Who did this? We'd like to know and see more of their stuff! Reply

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