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Purim Is Awesome!

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Purim Is Awesome!

Jono talks about the miracle of Jewish survival and the four special mitzvot of Purim.

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Levi PCB, FL March 7, 2023

Hey There's A New IKS Pruim Video Please Put It In The Category Reply

Yosele Levit March 6, 2022

Take 1 more bite out🎉👍😂 Reply

mendel thornhill July 15, 2020


aussie girl sydney australia March 18, 2019

I feel like the whole year is ad lo yada for Jono but now Purim comes and he switched around! vehonofoch hu! Reply

Me Me July 8, 2018

Very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Rey The Resistance February 11, 2017

WASOME!!!!!! Happy Purim, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

big dog me November 15, 2016

what is the song Reply



crazy guy yuhupitzvill February 14, 2014

super! (not super/dinner) which do you like chocolate?
having a bad day G. fish? (like always.) Reply

No-one JL February 12, 2013

Haw abut Purim mini series... ... or a new mini series of some sorte Reply

Yaakov July 6, 2021
in response to No-one:

I think they should do a Sukkos mini series. Reply

Nancy Koncilja Gurish Cleveland ohio February 10, 2013

Thank you for the video. While searching for a description of Purim; I came across this video... Thank you for sharing this. Reply

Schneur Zalman Ehven seattle, WA, USA May 16, 2012

purim Rabbi Taub can do it all. this really feels like purim. too bad i have to wait another year now. Reply

jono asdfdgvh, gvdgvh March 31, 2011

noooooo this jono looks so weird and chubby, i like the 2nd jono he looks much better

P.S. im so happy that they didint change him in mini series prt. 3! and they also didint change anyone els!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous newtown, usa March 27, 2011

Part 3 Part 3 is coming out before pesach!
way to go jono! Reply

me ny March 27, 2011

awsome! this one is great Reply

rey5y f, rf March 23, 2011

rtg very good Reply

Family VS Pittsburgh, PA March 22, 2011

Mitzvah #3 Thank you so much for the "wasome" treats on Purim! As always, our family enjoyed this episode. Thank you! Reply

Anonymous March 21, 2011

Good, but we want more! Reply

Me NY March 21, 2011

Adorable! loved it! a freilichen purim! Reply

Martine (Mindl) Swerdling South Fallsburg, NY March 20, 2011

Mitzvot I found this to be so cute and straight to the point! Very humorous. Reply

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