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Itche Kadoozy Chanukah Mini-Series

Part II

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Chanukah Mini-Series - Part II: Part II

Rabbi Kadoozy works on finding a way out of prison, Jono trains for his donut eating contest, and Gefilte Fish tries to sell his exploding dreidels to the government.

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Collin December 11, 2020

"sir is that a joke sir?!?" " I don't know." Reply

mushka kaminetzky taos November 21, 2018

waht a scary vidio! Reply

Anonymous December 25, 2016

we really need more stuff like these! Reply

Dhjsj Dewar February 17, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

You're correct anonymous Reply

omy bolo Venezuela December 21, 2016

happy hanukkah 2016! Reply

Anonymous LA December 9, 2012

luv it! Reply

yehudis is the best brooklyn, usa November 17, 2010

uh oh is g-fish gonna be ok cant believe what happened to rabbi kadoozyvery funny awesome Reply

Amos Lexington, SC October 14, 2010

Ties to the Rebbe Wow, Richard. I had never thought about that connection. Thanks! Reply

mimi October 13, 2010

ha ha its awsome Reply

Richard Raff April 11, 2010

The Rebbe story i read an article on the inprisonment of the Rebbe and what he had to go through to be freed. The story of the what they put him through was trouble it was pure torture. in the wake of all that the one thing that he held onto was Tefillin and the Torah and his values. Pretty amazing stuff I hope Gefilte P Fish make it out of there alright? Reply

cheli bigelman May 26, 2009

This is great its great for it to be continued.... Rabbi Kadoozy works on finding a way out of prison, Jono trains for his donut eating contest, and Gefilte Fish tries to sell his exploding dreidels to the government.... I like Jono's Cardbored - cot out :) Reply

chaya Brooklyn, New York October 2, 2008

cute This is a great way to show the miracles of Chanuka.
Keep up the great work! Reply

Anonymous Wash., D. C. February 7, 2007

Nice. Awesome. Amazing. Amazing. Wacky and all. Reply

Daniel Columbus, OH December 19, 2006

This was really great. I am surprised with the ability of to attract such great talent. Yesha Koach Reply

Nechama Melbourne, australia December 14, 2006

Very funny, so good, hilarious. I Love it! Reply

Anonymous bklyn, new york December 13, 2006

i wonder what the next episode will be and I hope it does not have another continuatioin after the video. I cant wait please hurry!

Thank you for the videos that you make. Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny December 13, 2006

wheres part 3? When is part 3 coming out? Everyday i check. Can you make it QUICKER!? thanx Reply

Anonymous chicago, il December 11, 2006

A Great Miracle is Needed Here! I'm in fourth grade here in Chicago. I finally got a chance to watch part 2. It was so great! Gefilte Fish might get cut up! itche Kadoozy is held as a terrorist! Larry is stuck at the hospital for more tests! Jon's got a huge stomach ache and getting no help! Marviin and Roy are totally lost trying to get help from cut-out Jono! Poor Jono won't be able to win the donut contest because he's so sick! Will it keep getting worse or will a great miracle happen there?! I'm just waiting impatiently for part 3! Reply

Anonymous December 11, 2006

i want part 3! i love this series! Reply

wondering December 11, 2006

im just wondering when is part three coming because it seems like it cant be over after part two... Reply

Isaac December 11, 2006

I can´t wait for part 3!
coul you please hury up, please! :-) !!! Reply

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