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Lights . . . Latkes . . . Action!

A Chanukah Short

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Lights . . . Latkes . . . Action!: A Chanukah Short

A rabbi, a college student, and a gefilte fish share their feelings about chanukah.
Latkes, Chanukah

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mushka kaminetzky taos December 4, 2018

Ha Ha Ha! Reply

meir taos November 28, 2018

good Reply

Chana R. Florida February 8, 2018

My fav part is the exact same as Jono's! (although I do it to my sister and actually put stuff inside so when she opens it, its full XD) Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 11, 2016

HA!!!!! HA ha ha aha ha aha aha!!! Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY March 6, 2016

Very cute! Reply

Anonymous Chicago, Il via chabadandfree.com December 22, 2011

Not Funny!!!! It is NOT funny at ALL! Reply

Anonymous grezh, htduj December 20, 2011

Latkas It's funny if you see Rabbi 's Father!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous san diego, California October 28, 2011

FAV PART my favorite part of chanukah is cleansing the wax out of the lil candle holder cups on the menorah Reply

Alexandra Denver, Co USA March 16, 2011

Lights! Latkas! Action! Cute video! Poor gefilte fish -- I never realized! I think his name is "Gershom", isn't it? Is he friends with Charlie the Tuna, I wonder? I think they are -- and are a great lesson in inter-reliigous friendship, respect, and fun! (Second favourite part....when the Rabbi says he got the recipe for gefilte fish from his father, who got it from HIS father, who;;;;;; got it off the Internet! (I'm going to tell my aunt that joke...she'll really enjoy it!) Thanks!,,: ) (I use the Internet too much....she never touches a computer....there HAS to be a happy medium, (ARE there any Jewish mediums?

Anyway... Who says only kids enjoy computers? They are for EVERYONE! Including my aunt...& me. Moderation in all things is a Jewish adage SOMEWHERE, I think. (Jewish song: Not on the top, Not on the Bottom, But Just In the Middle. Reply

Anonymous Passiac, USA March 16, 2011

jono Jono is so funny. I tried to get the chocolate foil out without damaging the fioil. So I gave it to my friend she said "YUMMMMM". And opend it and saw thare was NOTHING! Reply

I don't Know March 15, 2011

A doughnut as a freind? How come G. Fish has a doughnut as a freind? Why not a salmon for a freind? Reply

Ms. Amuela Asher November 25, 2010

fave part of chanukah reading different stories for each night of chanukah after lighting the menorah and then eating latkes and chocolate gelts, and yes I too love trying to get the choc coins out of the rapping without bending so I can put it back together ;-) Reply

Simon Worcester, UK December 6, 2007

Rabbi's Latkes The cartoon made me laugh. Thanks Reply

aryeh toronto, canada February 12, 2007

vewy good!!! jono is such a good acter Reply

Anonymous AZ December 24, 2006

Are the Rabbi's Latkes that bad? Reply

Barbara Cohen Kingston, New York via chabadulstercounty.org December 24, 2006

Hanukkah clip is witty! thanks! Reply

Sarah via chabadofhawaii.com December 17, 2006

Very funny and cute.... I watched it twice! Reply

Anonymous atlanta, ga December 16, 2006

Video I love this video! It's reallt funny! Reply

Natalie.. Aventura, fl December 11, 2006

That had to be the funniest video I've seen!!
in a long time! its my favorite video out of all of them! i just totally love the characters :)
and the best for this year!
love u all!
Natalie..:):) Reply

Dovid Taub December 11, 2006

Editor's Response In a recent comment, a viewer expressed concern that the chocolate gelt trick may encourage an antisemitic stereotype of the "stingy jew." First, and this is of the utmost importance, I apologize for the mistake and pray that I may have the strength and wisdom to avoid such actions in the future.
However, and this is the second point, I would like to express my most sincere and utter horror that the stereotype of the "stingy jew" has left the limitation of monitary greed and has transformed into an outrages and completely unfouinded accuastion that jews have a lust for chocolate that will drive them to dishonesty. Coffee cake maybe, but CHOCOLATE?

PS. The Gefilte Fish character is only 73% fish product and may contain potato or potato by-products. I hope that alleviates your dissapointment. Reply

Cheryl Ruben Toronto December 12, 2017
in response to Dovid Taub:

Stereotyped Jews probably predates Shakespeare's Shylock; you are correct to be more sensitive to this issue in future projects, but really had nothing for which to apologize with regard to this adorable clip. Reply