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Purim and Speech

Letters and Numbers of the Festivals—Purim


Purim and Speech: Letters and Numbers of the Festivals—Purim

The name Purim means "lotteries." The first letter of this word is the letter peh which also means "mouth." The entire story of Purim is really about the various "mouths" that spoke up at various times.
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Festivals, Purim

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B. Ihm Indiana February 4, 2019

You say that "When G-d is asleep He doesn't save the Jewish people"--can you please indicate a source for this? Because we also say in tehillim "Hiney lo yanum v'lo yishan shomer yisroel" Reply

katrin July 15, 2012

Awe! This was so wonderful. "Passover is God is telling the Jew 'I love you' and Purim is the Jew telling G-d 'G-d, I love you, too!'"
This is also so romantically put. I watched a couple of his lectures, and I must admit I would not have expected something so romantic coming from Rabbi Raskin :-) Reply

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