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Why I Like Being Jewish

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Why I Like Being Jewish

Being Jewish is fun in so many ways. Why do you like being Jewish?
Judaism, Festivals

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anonymous via October 1, 2023

Wow adorable! Reply

Anonymous somewhere November 1, 2021

It's very interesting to hear all other voices Reply

Leah raizel💜💜 Chicago March 27, 2022
in response to Anonymous :

They are from England. Reply

Unknown Messager May 6, 2021

Cool Reply

Mindy Canada January 3, 2021

Love it!

I love how he said that boys only wear it, because girls probably remember. 😂😂 Reply

Anonymous March 25, 2020

I would like to be Jewish because the Jewish faith has such a strong community with a so many fun holidays and traditions. Reply

judith BELGUIM March 20, 2020

so cute Reply

Israel California May 8, 2019

It’s ok but he takes off his yarmulke Reply

Mindy Canada January 3, 2021
in response to Israel:

Only for a moment. Besides he didn't walk, it's fine. They fall off sometimes as well, that isn't a sin. Reply

Anonymous LA, California November 29, 2018

Their accent is so cute! Reply

Anonymous Florida May 24, 2018

they are so adorable, and they are little inspirations Reply

chani Katzman The Hague May 4, 2018

cutte Reply

Anonymous Cary North Carolina June 14, 2017

Well I am Proud to be a Frum, Lebavitch,Chassidishe, Shlucha Of The Rebbe In Cary North Carolina. Shluchai Adonanu! Reply

hany October 10, 2016

I like to be a Jew Reply

necha gittel uminer July 31, 2016

i love it i love their accent it is so funny i have a freind that has the same accent Reply

Mindy Canada January 3, 2021
in response to necha gittel uminer :

It's British. Reply

Simcha Bart for March 10, 2016

Belief in God Sometimes our belief in G-d is so deeply hidden, that we don't recognize it. For example, an infant is crying because it is hungry. Can a week old infant really know what hunger is? Obviously not. Yet the cry is because deep down it is yearning for something. Similarly, a Jew is yearning for something and - sometimes because of lack of education - doesn't know what it is they are yearning for. Their yearning tells them they are Jewish. What does that truly mean? The first Jew was Abraham who taught he world the belief in the One G-d. Whether one realizes it or not - by identifying as Jewish - they are proclaiming to the world the idea that there is only One G-d Who cannot be seen, but watches over all. Reply

podie March 9, 2016

My believing I'm jewish but I don't believe in God. (I'm jewish and buddhist) Reply

1234567890_701 M March 6, 2019
in response to podie:

what?? Reply

Mindy Canada January 3, 2021
in response to podie:

???...Jews believe in G-d. Reply

Gavi Toronto March 15, 2021
in response to podie:

That's not possible one of the ways to be Jewish is that you have to believe in God Reply

clarita mylove December 7, 2021
in response to podie:

if you dont believe why are you trying so hard to tell everyone you don't believe? Reply

Anonymous with a brain England May 25, 2022
in response to clarita:

You can't be Jewish and buddhist at the same time. Your religion (according to Judaism) goes according to your mother. Also, if you're born Jewish, your can never "convert". A Jew is always a Jew. Reply

jordan February 2, 2016

I think you guys like being Jewish. Reply

Keira NJ September 22, 2015

i really love being jewish and my favorite festivle is purim Reply

abraham September 16, 2015

liked it happy times to you healthy year and good news to you all maybe you could help me with my fun in judissm my favorite part has gots to be you guyses fun and my love for what feels right Reply

Kim Notttingham August 19, 2015

why I like being Jewish This is such a lovely video of these young children sharing their thoughts on being Jewish. A real insight into how the feel about their faith. Reply

Anonymous July 12, 2015

Adorable Reply

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