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Holidays and Holy Days - The Jewish Calendar

Jewish Essentials - Part 4

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Holidays and Holy Days: Jewish Essentials - Part 4

Take a journey through the Jewish calendar and get an elementary overview of the Jewish holidays and their customs. This class is the forth of a six-part lecture series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.
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Simmie September 9, 2021

What time does the fast of Gedalia begin? Reply Staff September 9, 2021
in response to Simmie :

The fast of Gedaliah begins at dawn, the exact time varies depending on your location. To find times click here Reply

Laura Bradenton June 4, 2018

That. Was awesome! I can't wait for the next holiday to come so I can live it...and the next holiday, and the next, and the one after that...I'm excited. Reply

Anonymous June 27, 2016

Holiday Days and Holy Days Excellent and insightful teaching. Thank you. Reply

Colette Jurczyk Melbourne June 20, 2016

Hannukah - Keeping Gd in the Picture I agree that labels are making life difficult for Jews everywhere. Reply

Alexzandria September 14, 2015

Thank you Rabbi Bistritzky. I enjoyed this very much. Reply

Noelle Kilpatrick Centerville, Utah via May 13, 2013

Thank you Thank you Rabbi Bistritzky! you have enlightened and re-ignited my spiritual being more than i thought possible or could ever tell you about!!! Reply

Anonymous mohegan lake, United States September 14, 2010

Good service Reply

Richard Raff BonneyLake, WA February 12, 2010

I have no words Rabbi Bistritzky I can not come up with words. I can only explain the feelings I get when I can not stop some reactions to the words of reason and Thank you's. It feels like an arrow on fire that had been launched by angles from above. The arrow hits my defenses and pierce throw to my heart. Then I grab the arrow only to know I can not pull it from my chest. Me the Warrior of G-d's love and truth reduced to a human being kneeling and crying. Look everyone the oral word can turn a brave man into sobing little girl. That is the power that G-d gave to you Rabbi. You are the arrow for which G-d and the heavens above remind us of what we are! and where we came from. That arrow a direct connection to understanding and learning of the Torah. This is why G-d has absolute faith in our worth and redemption. Please all Rabbi's in world meditate on how important you really are and then we will follow. For you will see even right now the arrow of the Torah teaching the animal of the past. Reply

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