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Miracle Lights


Miracle Lights

Join Benny and Zaidy for the thrilling adventure of the Chanukah story! Go back to a time of danger, drama and triumph! Laugh, thrill and cheer as the adventure of Chanukah unfolds in this animated production.
Miracle of Chanukah

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mayra school December 22, 2016

is this a game of a video Reply

Anonymous Boca Raton August 16, 2016

cute, Reply

Sarah A. pembroke pine fl June 5, 2016

not full this video is not the full thing so if you actually want to see the full thing buy the book or video .some parts where they skip it actually does not make sense . I think people want to see the full thing. Reply

barry loxie Italy May 21, 2016

To: chabad.org Staff i understand... i will buy the Dvd of miracle lights shazak when i have a chance, and i really do respect the wishes of the producers of miracle lights.and will do my best to also support them. thanks for your time and courtesy

Sincerely,barry Reply

Rivkah Cotlar Cary December 12, 2015

amazing i am a shlucha and we dont have a jewish school to go to i do online school and my younger siblings have a school to go to . the teacher asked me do you know of any chanakah long videos and i gave her the link and showed her this video and now the whole class is watching it thank you so much you made my day Reply

Chabad.org Staff via chabadone.org November 28, 2015

To Barry We respect the wishes of the producers of this video. Buy the dvd :) enjoy the entire video and help support their endeavors. Reply

barry loxie italy November 27, 2015

habad cut pieces of this movie out:( I would love this movie if this was the whole thing.

any way: happy Hanukkah 2015 Reply

oryah vogel December 16, 2012

it is sooooooooo good Reply

Anonymous December 3, 2012

i loved it but.... you skipped a lot of the video:( Reply

Luzer Hakeller L.A, U.S.A July 26, 2012

IT IS SO COOL AND FUNNY! This was haliours show! i have the disk even!
can you put the Out of Egypt show in it next? Reply

Rochel Bernath/Rodin December 10, 2011

Its so cute but I cant watch it..I know all the voices!! :) Reply

Theresa Pinetta , Fl November 30, 2010

video I'm not Jewish--but I am very interested in the customs--I also would like to teach the children of my church--love the video Miracle Lights. Reply

Laura Hummell Charleroi, PA December 6, 2009

Thank you! Thank you so much for posting these videos so I can share them with my children and students. What a wonderful way for them to learn about the miracle of Hanukkah! Reply

Scot November 20, 2008

Pretty nice! Good video :) Reply

lena new york, brooklyn July 25, 2008

every part iiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! Reply

rochel canada, montreal via chabadmonttremblant.com July 25, 2008

i love it !!!!!!!!!!!
its the best! Reply

Anonymous las vegas, nv December 8, 2007

That rocked! I hope that when I have children, there will be more of this kind of work out there! A typical DVD night just doesn't seem to fit the Hannukah spirit. GREAT job! Thank you Reply

Marta Cambridge, Maryland December 2, 2007

cartoon This is a wonderful cartoon and I have really enjoyed it. Reply

Nechama Melbourne, Australia December 17, 2006

Good I love it! Its really great! Reply

Laura Chaya Jerusalem, Israel December 17, 2006

What a great way for Hafatzat Hamayanut! Thank you so much for making this movie. Finally a Jewish cartoon. I have friends who are working on a full length Jewish cartoon that double in any language. Be Matzliach and all the best. Chag Sameach ! Reply

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