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Think Well

The art of living consciously

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Think Well: The art of living consciously

Most of us agree that a person is responsible for his actions and words. But do we have control over our thoughts? Learn to choose your thoughts like you choose a tomato.
Thought, Power of; Positive Thinking

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ruth housman marshfield hills, ma September 24, 2012

what is deep I believe the art of living consciously must be to encounter often, the wall, and for me that Wall is the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and I can go no further, in understanding the deep and unremitting suffering around the world. I just saw the movie, The Debt, as part of a social work CEU offering, and it is about the Mossad, the Holocaust, and deeply about Denial and the subject of Lies. One has to ask, why, that wailing why, after all this time, concerning the world, and our story, the Jewish story. If there is anything to be learned from evil, and there is evil out there, that is the denial of evil, in those who perpetrate it, is a nail, and we cannot ever forget it, or get release from that kind of inhumanity. What is there, in the human psyche that permits others to forget the very basics of life, the sacred, the Divine that exists in us all? And how can anyone keep Denying what we know, happened? To eliminate this will take a massive change of consciousness around the world. Reply

Natalia capital federal September 20, 2012

Awesome! Awesome, and really simple to understand. Thank you so much! Reply

ruth housman marshfield, ma December 18, 2011

the ink well Isn't it interesting that think itself contains the word INK. I think about this when I pass an overpass on the highway where someone keeps writing, to refresh this, the words in big white letters: THINK.

It could be that well also refers to the deep well of knowledge, the well spring, beneath the earth we all draw from, in terms of insights, and to think well, also refers of course to positivity.

There are deep truths about our universe that come from the words themselves, and this is pure Kabbalah. I just finished Pete Hamill's most beautiful book about the power of love, a healing story about a young Irish boy who meets a rabbi, and what ensues. It's beautiful and this book has everything to do with the power of the Hebrew letters and the power of using personal angst towards ethical consciousness of doing "good". Reply

sue Kanata, ON December 17, 2011

happy places Thank you- I was so like you when I was younger. It is a good idea to get back on track after having heard your inspiration.
Not that ostrich-like posturing is always the right thing to do, though!
Now to weigh the responsibility of our developed consciousness of others needs and woes against our responsibility toward our own mental health, or, do people who have immense burdens still have a happy place to hide in? Reply

Anonymous McKinney, TX December 9, 2011

Think Well Enjoyed this very much....thanks! Reply

Chaya Sura coral springs, Florid via December 8, 2011

Thank you! Couldn't have come at a better time... my daughter needed to hear this! Thank you Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma December 7, 2011

Dancing with Positivity Of course you are right. A while ago in my field of psychiatric social work people recognized the value of just this, a field, called Cognitive Restructuring, exactly what you're saying about how we can work with our negative thoughts and change them into positives, in essence, restructure these thoughts, turn them around. And it does work. Sometimes it is difficult to do this, as life brings us all down. But I have seen remarkable changes in people who do this, and who make this a way of thinking, always striving to find the rainbow hidden within the darkening clouds. There is a silver lining to everything and we can seek this, also by turning over our thoughts.

We all experience the "stream" of consciousness, and we can all, turn our backs on the bad thoughts that come our way, and are really too extreme, ex stream.

The wrap can be beautiful, as the inner "rap" and you can turn that cloud into a ray of inner and outer sunshine. Practice makes "perfect". Reply

Anonymous Monsey, New York December 6, 2011

wowowo how beautiful to hear theses words from a jewish place.

thank you so much Reply

Judy Olam Hazeh December 6, 2011

Clear, precise, compassionate Thank you for this useful presentation. Many blessings! Reply

Vida Saratoga, ca December 5, 2011

Thank you Thanks for sharing. Reply

Judy Kitchner Miami Beach, FL December 5, 2011

So cozy from your living room B"H
Beautiful message, Frumma. I miss your "shining on" in the boys school. Reply

Elchonon Kranz Philadelphia, PA December 4, 2011

Thank you You're a true inspiration ! Thank you :) Reply

Sol p December 4, 2011

Very well done! Loved it! Keep up the amazing work! Reply

Hadassah Rivkah and Yosef Zev North Miami Beach, Florida December 4, 2011

Mazal tov! We thought of you when we just went to pick up some tomatoes. May you keep on shining and sharing your beautiful, warm light and insight! Reply