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How to Become Calmer

Empower yourself to limit the stress and negativity in life

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How to Become Calmer : Empower yourself to limit the stress and negativity in life

Our perception creates our reality. By being calm, we trust that what is in store for us will be positive, and we become solution-oriented rather than emotion-oriented.
Stress; Anxiety

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Zuzana Belgium May 28, 2021

So actually expression of Ruth's mother in law in Ruth 1:20-21 was a paradigm for she said: And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi [Pleasant], call me Mara [Bitter]; for Shaddai hath dealt very bitterly with me. 21 I went away full and Hashem hath brought me back empty; why then call me Naomi, seeing Hashem hath testified against me, and Shaddai hath made me very bitter?

And obviously it was not true as Naomi became a grandmother of a child by which Ruth wanted to establish righteousness to her deceased husband and even more, for the child became a grandfather of king David and so the Messiah's ancestor. So all what happened to her was Hashem's hand and will for He ordains the path of a His people. Reply

Zuzana Belgium May 26, 2021

Another necklace of pearls! Thank toy so much, Mrs. Rosenberg-Gottlieb!
Thus, do I understand well that we must decide: either we will keep the Word of G-d in our minds and hearts and through the teachings of Torah the peace of G-d, and so we will be able to enter into the L-rd's Sabbath rest of the Seventh Day, or we will follow the unreasonable statements of mortals and never reach the peace neither the Seventh Day of Creation. Decision is in our own hands. Fantastic! This is so easy to understand and follow - so powerful! Reply

Warwick Marshall January 17, 2018

Very good. Especially regarding the prayer just before going to sleep. The very last words we say to Adonai. Reply

sarah jerusalem August 14, 2014

on the right time!B"H!! Thank you ,so much for this powerful message .God bless you and Klal Yisrael! Reply

Anonymous 11209 February 3, 2014

Closed captioning and subtitles Closed captioning and subtitles would be a great, important feature of these wonderful videos at What a great presentation! Reply

peter white donegal, Ireland via December 22, 2013

a great lady thank you very much Madame, your talks always lift me up. Shavua Tov Reply

Pam CT December 19, 2013

Transcript Is there a transcript for this presentation? Reply

Esteban Hübner Germany December 18, 2013

Very helpful, many thanks "how to become calmer" arrived at the right time, many thanks for sharing. You are a great teacher. Reply

Dewey December 17, 2013

closed captioned for Deaf It was a bummer that the video does not provide closed captioned for Deaf who would like to know what she was saying.... Media production, please see to it if you can add the closed captions on every videos.

Shalom Reply

Anonymous Brentwood, CA via December 15, 2013

stress and anxiety You really changed my life for good.
Very powerful. Thank you. Reply

David Jones Brandon. December 15, 2013

I needed that! WOW! This really hit me between the eyes,,,in a very good way that is! Reply

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