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The Turbulent Waters of Financial Stress

Life Lessons from Parshat Noach

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The Turbulent Waters of Financial Stress: Life Lessons from Parshat Noach

Rabbi Gordon shares inspirational Torah insights on the weekly Torah portion with practical life lessons.
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June Green Lynnville October 24, 2020

Just want to thank you and tell you how much I enjoy your lectures and how comforting they are to me in Lynnville, TN. Sending love and appreciation your way. Reply

Anonymous December 24, 2016

Thank you Rabbi Gordon for this so inspiring lecture. Anchor faith Torah to stay in the present very important though sometimes hard to do! Keep inspiring keep doing these lectures you never know how many people need hear this ! G-d bless you and yours always Amen Reply

Schneur Zalman November 5, 2016

Thank you Rabbi Gordon! Reply

Anonymous Sherman Oaks, California August 6, 2015

Amazing! Anchor oneself in Torah and work smart, not hard!

Beautifully explained, R' Gordon.

May the Aibishter bless you time and again for all you have shared with us.

L'Chaim and Baruch HaShm. Reply

chava Esther Levy Guatemala City October 27, 2014

turbulent waters Thank you Rabbi Gordon! My son Benjamin sent me the link of this teaching because I 've been feeling perturbed since my business is going down but now from your teachings I know what to do! Say connected to Hashem His Torah and study! Emuna! G'd bless! I have a son in Morristown Yeshiva! The one that sent me this in LA and one baby boy in Guatemala City with me ! BH! Reply

Leah cleve October 26, 2014

Thank you Amen. And G-d Bless you for such a wonderful, beautiful lecture ! Reply

M. Paul Woodstock, IL October 25, 2014

I also need this... this has been my Noach year!!! Outstanding. Thanks you very much for these teachings Rabbi Gordon! Reply

Josef Burlington, Vermont via October 24, 2014

Baruch Hashem Baruch HaShem. This Parsha is very practical, sounds like Strategic planning before the storm, well it is, and always there is a rainbow after the storm. :) Thank you Chabad ! Reply

Yitzakh Heschler Everett October 20, 2014

The Turbulent Waters.. I needed this! Thanks! Reply

Anonymous University Hts October 19, 2014

That's an amazing story from the Rebbe about the stock market crashes being during Parhat Noach and the span between them being 58 years, I never heard that before. Reply

JDV November 23, 2013

Turbulent waters You are very funny! Humor is very important - don't want religion to get too serious! Having a rough time with my husband's loss of his job but am going to send my donation again to chabad tomorrow.
PS. Sang in NJ State opera in newark, son worked for the Star ledger. We're all here in NJ, surviving! Reply

Anonymous NM November 13, 2013

Awesome That was awesome!!! Thank you very much..this message brought much clarity. Reply

G. Roman Yonkers, NY October 16, 2013

The Turbulent Waters...By Yehoshua B. Gordon The Turbulent Waters - thank you very much for your teachings. Reply

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