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I Am the Son of a Nazi

A journey of discovery and healing from the ruins of the Third Reich

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I Am the Son of a Nazi: A journey of discovery and healing from the ruins of the Third Reich

The son of a decorated German officer, Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger was forced at a young age to confront his father’s unbroken allegiance to the Nazis. His journey ultimately led him to convert to Judaism and serve in the Israel Defense Forces. (Filmed at Chabad of the Upper East Side, NYC)
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Germany, Holocaust

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Anonymous Paris October 3, 2019

Impressive Reply

Zalmy Montreal January 1, 2019

Amazing story
It shook me up
You can see all is controlled by God Reply

yitzchak Horowitz December 24, 2017

Amazing I now purchased the book on Amazon Reply

yitzchak BROOKLYN December 24, 2017

Dear Dov ben Avraham

I really loved your story and I'm truly amazed at the way you had the strength to change a whole leaf of generations to be Jewish and grateful people I have no words and I will not say more now but thank you
BTW I really loved the clarity of how you put down step by step

Avraham Harel Raanana Israel December 20, 2017

Dear Dov ben Avraham, by chance I heared your history and I am very excited and thankful for your speech and greatly thankful to hashem for is chesed. My own life has similar events. If I remember right, I met you during the first Sommerkurs of the Juedische Hochschule Heidelberg, in the beginning of the 1980, nearly 40 years ago ? I wish you and your familiy in USA all the best, happiness, health and growing in Torah and Mizwoth. Shalom, Avraham Reply

Jack Ben Jakob Schleimer Tabor Deming, Wa March 4, 2014

Dov Ben Avraham I was particularly blessed by the forgiveness shown Dr. Wollschlaeger.I am a baal teshuva.Came out of the Roman church at age 18.I am now 61.G-d has taught me that a big part of teshuva is giving and receiving forgiveness and we don't stop doing teshuva till the day we die. Shalom Reply

Anonymous San Francisco March 3, 2014

Such an important story. Thank you for telling it. Reply

Shoshana-Dvora December 4, 2013

Dov Ben Avraham What an inspiring story! Dov Ben Avraham is a marvelous addition to the Jewish people. Reply

Emese Oseni Toronto, Canada November 18, 2013

Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger you are an inspiration to all. I can't stop viewing and reviewing your beautiful story.

Mazel Tov on your conversion and toda raba for your tear jerking story. Reply

Evelyn Ressler USA November 18, 2013

I am the child of a survivor Thank you and GD bless you Reply

Ilona Niemtschke Voorhees November 17, 2013

Thank you for sharing your story . I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to face your " Vater " and standing up for yourself and your believes.
With great respect and my regards Reply

Avrohom Ben Avrohom (Aka Sergey) New Jersey, USA November 17, 2013

Truly amazing story! Thank you, Dov Ben Avraham, for telling this story! We are Jewish and few years ago became fully Shabbat and Kosher observant. As B'aal Tshuva's, we had a lot to confront, to transform and to give up. And it is said that ' no Tzadik can stand near the B'aal Tshuva'. Well, as a B'aal Tshuva, I bow before you and have a strong feeling that I have no right to measure up to what you had to overcome. Let Hashem bless you and your family! Let your story be told by not only you, but by many people around the world so that it never happens again. Reply

Jack Schleimer Deming, Wa. November 16, 2013

Todah. Shalom. Reply

Rob gurau Texas November 14, 2013

My parents survived the holocaust. Reply

Steven Alvarez November 14, 2013

Wonderful learning experience This was a very moving story and lecture. Thank you for this! Reply

Rabbi Arthur H. Grae Leesburg, Florida November 13, 2013

A Truly Great Lecture This lecture was one of the finest and most principled talk I ever heard. It illustrates that when you have a belief deep in your heart, you go with it. Mazel tov on your superb choice to live the remainder of your life as a Jew. Reply

Hiona (Hanna) Tsavdari Athens, Greece November 13, 2013

Miracles of conversion. This was an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.I know that every convert has his or her own special story to tell. What amazed me the most was the events that led him to change his life around.
G-d works in many mysterious ways and His miracles never cease to amaze me! Reply

Maureen Jehudith deKeyzer November 13, 2013

Todah Rabah
I got tears in my eyes.
Am Israel Chai Reply

Manya Helman MD Silverton, Oregon November 12, 2013

Thank you very much for sharing your story Thank you, Dr. Ben Avraham, for sharing your story. Today, I learned that my Aunt Eve, who was 16 in a camp, passed on. I thought that I would listen to your video in her honor. I am very glad that you became Jewish; our family is better now that you have become a part. Best wishes for good health and a Happy Chanukah! Reply

Avraham USA November 12, 2013

another suggestion: There is another phenomenal documentary called "Hitler's children" (available on Netflix) which documents the livesof the children and grandchildren of prominent Nazis and their varying reactions to their ancestory. Well worth viewing Reply

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