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There's No Place Like Home

The Power of the Jewish Home

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There's No Place Like Home: The Power of the Jewish Home

At the 23rd anniversary of the University of Pittsubrgh Chabad House, Rabbi Manis Friedman expounds on the organization's motto: "The warmest place away from home." What is a home and why does having one touch us so deeply?
Dwelling for G-d in the Physical World, Humility, Marriage, Home, Family

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linda longueuil, canada November 16, 2011

no place like home very enjoyable lecture!!!!!!! Reply

zeynep istanbul September 26, 2011

Life Rabbi Friedman, thank you from the deepest of my heart for never stopping to grow, i.e. to live. I am a devout follower of your lectures; some of your Tanya interviews I listen over and over again on a regular basis: they are my life. But this lecture Rabbi Friedman, has gloriously preceded all that I know from you. The template existence-life with which you have been Chosen to empower us, provides the key to all Jewish issues, from the personal to interpersonal, from the communal to global. It is a Divine act of Mercy bestowed upon us through your light.

"Assume a Master for yourself" say our Sages in Ethics of the Fathers (1:6). I longed for this all my life, and finally I am granted it. I shall pray to my G-D for circumstances enabling me to more directly learn from you.

May you live forever in the Kingdom, Rabbi Friedman. Reply

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