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Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Being in control of your feelings

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Mastering Emotional Intelligence : Being in control of your feelings

Do you sometimes feel overcome with negative emotions when things aren’t right? Discover the Torah’s approach on how to control emotions and react responsibly with emotional maturity, instead of responding from emotional instinct.
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Emotions, Mind over Heart, Supremacy of

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Maurice S. Brooklyn, NY January 14, 2016

Lecture and recently published Hebrew/English Free Siddur App Listeners might enjoy I thoroughly enjoyed your talk, examples and citing of studies and facts that sort of re-enforce your points. Great work.
I agree with Mr. White from Ireland that putting these paradigms and concepts into our daily lives IS the real challenge.
But we need to keep our eyes on the map (Showing my age),as even if we don't get to the destination, we get closer.
You mention prayers, and I would take this opportunity to mention we just published a Hebrew / English linear Siddur App (Nusach Sefaradi) that your listeners might benefit from.
It is available on the Google Play Store with the name Siddur Keter Shelomo. There is earlier version currently available for Apple devices that is not interactive, under the same name.
Hope it raises the bar for our prayers.

Thank you again. Reply

Heston Goodrich Provo December 5, 2015

Suppression or emotional freedom I think trying to control our emotions will stifle our true selves. It sounds like suppression and destroying our child within when we can't eat a grilled cheese at the same time as a pastrami sandwich. Children should be our example for emotional intelligence. We're not the experts as adults, we're corrupt because of the selfish drives of powers which children are not toxified by, yet, and hopefully not so from their parents, either. Reply

Ann Canada November 12, 2013

Wonderful What a fabulous presentation, dear Mrs. Rosenberg-Gottlieb. Thank you for the lessons in how physiology is connected to spirituality. B'H Reply

Anonymous November 3, 2013

Thank you for this general training. I do have the following specific questions.

If an individual is in a group of people that are not aware / informed / or mature to appreciate that it is best not to respond to an insult, they are very likely to perceive this person as a "push over" and continue or even intensify the insult. When and what type of response is appropriate in this situation? Afterall, families / governments / business organizations do have disciplinary measures to deal with "insults"

If individuals are provided and should be convincing themselves that they are with appropriate / sufficient tools to deal with challenges / tests, then why do some individuals commit suicide?

Thank You. Reply

Anonymous November 2, 2013

Amazing! This talk is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this :) Reply

sruly laz buffalo October 31, 2013

Yay Fruma!! Love the video! Keep them coming! Reply

peter white donegal, ireland October 30, 2013

Thank you A star, I think this lady is a star. Now for the hard part, to put her words into actions. Thinking long term, not short term, thinking community and family rather than me, me, me, thinking what Hashem wants and not being spellbound by one's own ego. This is the challenge. Once again though Mrs, thank you. Reply

Janice October 28, 2013

Emotional Intelligence It is true that before we eat bread we wash hands but that we are not so much waiting to build the Beit HaMikdash; but that you a temple of HaShem are being built; it's never been just about a building as much as a person and people being a place where HaShem would love to dwell. Reply

Sara Ohio October 28, 2013

Where to purchase cards? I would like to buy a set of the cards spoken about in this wonderful lecture. Do you know where I can do that? Thank you! Reply

Kettie Israel September 1, 2017
in response to Sara:

I have just came across this wonderful presentation.
I also would like to purchase those cards.
Can you please send me the address?
Thank you Reply

Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb September 3, 2017
in response to Kettie:

Thank you Kettie and Sara. The cards come from Miriam Adahan, author of a a number of books on Torah and Psychology. IF you Google her I think you will be able to get the cards from her website. Reply

Nili October 27, 2013

Love it! Thank you! Reply

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