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Kabbalah and Meditation

Personal Transformation Through Contemplation

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Kabbalah and Meditation: Personal Transformation Through Contemplation

This lecture begins by tracing the the origins of traditional Jewish meditation through history then presents the actual steps in the process of a particular form of meditation called "hitbonenut."

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Kris Warren Texas March 14, 2016

Thank you Rabbi Reply

Anonymous September 15, 2013

Meditation & Time Thank you Rabbi, Again He has brought me to a deeper understanding, through you. For the first time I can understand the concept of time. It is a created thing, maybe that is why I have never really know how to grasp it. It is a relative term in many ways. I have studied for years, and a life time is not long enough to delve into the depth and beauty of the Torah and it's teachings. Many years ago, early one Shabbos morning I sat outside quietly, after some time a felt that I was a part everything around me, I felt so close to G-d. It had such a profound effect on me, I will now meditate on bringing the soul of this experience back to me so I can walk in it... Thank you Reply

Anonymous Hollywood May 21, 2013

Thank You so much for this lecture, so beautiful and important, and such a fundamental action, to bring the eternal union that we have been waiting, and want it to happen now. May it be He's Will.

Alma Reply

aleph April 2, 2013

meditation brave and beutifull, l thank you very much Reply

Anonymous USA February 18, 2013

Kabbalah And Meditation Dear Rabbi Gurkow, this is the third time I watch your video. It is a very deep feeling when meditating on someone we love. I do not know if you refer to the "loved one" as a husband, wife, or next of kin. The first two persons, I do not have. But my family. And they are far away from me in the physical form and spiritual. Only when I pray for them is the feeling of connection, for my prayer is for Hashem's, blessed be He, compassion for them. On the other hand, my beloved is Hashem. Although He is G-d, Master, Creator, Giver of life, Mighty G-d. I do not see him, but feel His presence. And that unity between him and I, is my meditation. Thank you for your wonderful teachings. As you mention, His presence IS very meaningful. If we seek him with the intention to have a meaningful relationship with him. Reply

Anonymous Auckland February 18, 2013

This was amazing, I hope we will be able to see more of this class.
Thank you Reply

BRACHA DEMERCUR February 7, 2013

real gift this class real gift Reply

Anonymous USA January 31, 2013

When we want to understand someone, we need to place ourselves into the "shoes" of that other person, like the old saying. But still we might not even understand, unless we have been in the same/similar situation. Then we know. Then we know. Reply

Lazer Gurtkow January 31, 2013

To anonymous Yes - indeed meditating negatively on another can cause harm. Reply

Anonymous USA January 29, 2013

Kabbalah And Meditation In your lecture Rabbi Gurkow, you tell us that meditating about G-d, or another person with deep concentration, one can reach G-d as well as that other person. My question is if another person thinks evil about us, doesn't that person creates an evil soul who would turn against us? The same in turn would be if we love G-d and seek him with all our heart and soul we would be close to him. Reply

RM Miami, FL January 29, 2013

Wonderful!! What wonderful insight, what an excellent elaborate, detailed explanation. Thank you! I have read many books on meditation, and yours has been the best tactile explanation. Reply

Anonymous atlanta January 29, 2013

meditation?? was it good for you?? Reply

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